I need a 2 page research paper written on any study pertaining to Heart Disease

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Introduction with a background of subject. 

Discuss the research study. 

Discuss some further research needed. 

Include secondary source. 

Conclusion with a synopsis of the research studies. *Citations still needed. 

2 FULL pages not including title page and references

ReferencesMust use 1 peer-reviewed published research studies.

No older than 10 years.

No .com or .net websites

In-text citations Format: (Surname(s), year)

Include page numbers for exact quotes

Reference page

APA format, including:

Alphabetized by author’s surname

Hanging indent

Book titles in italics

Only capitalize first word of titles and subtitles

Reference the Purdue OWL website or the APA manual for more information and examples

Reference this website for help citing a mobile app

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