I need help with a Cyber crisis management and resilience assignment

Exercise Scope: CSIRT for online Banking App

IT Bank assets (please focus only on this for the scope for protection and response)

Can operate the bank with the HomeBanking APP (mobile), HomeBanking WebSite

Employees Laptop (500)

MainFrame and Central server ( one main frame in data center, no physical HQ)

2 Mill online users (mobile and PC)

Job Description:

Analysis the Assests and associated risks

Define Incident response team process, team, roles description

Define one incident process and response, also resilience process (back to normal or recovery process

The more processes the better likes ddos attack, phising, app spoofing…

Maximum 15 pages MSWord(font size 12 double space) OR 20 ppt slides 

Include frameworks like NIST

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