I need help with C++ homework

Based on the following sensor network topology (see Figure 1) where the numbers denote the

Euclidian distance (meter) between the nodes. Write a program using C++ programming language

that determine the paths to route a packet from node S (source) to node D (Destination) with

minimum energy costs and maximum energy costs.

Your program should display the paths as well as the energy costs. Only display the results for

maximum and minimum energy cost. Required at least two functions in your program: one

function for finding the minimum energy cost and second function for finding the maximum

energy cost. You can use any number of parameters for these functions, no restriction on

that. Do not display all the paths.

Use the following information:

• Cost of a packet transmission from a sensor for a distance of 1m is assumed to be 1 joule.

• Cost of a packet reception at a sensor is assumed to be 5 joules.

The correct output is:

Path S - C - D

Path S - B - D

Minimum cost = 17

Path S - A - C - B - D

Maximum cost = 32

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