I need help with three homework problems for statistics

For each problem please address the following:

? Please state the null and alternative hypotheses.

? Using an alpha level of .05, please test the null hypothesis (what is the appropriate test, what is the critical

value?). Draw the rejection region.

? Calculate the test statistic

? State the conclusion you are entitled to draw as a result of this test.

? Calculate the effect size as appropriate for the hypothesis test used.

17) A professor believes that psychology students study more than the average college student (after all,

psychology students understand the benefits to distributed practice). To test this, the professor records the weekly

study rate of a sample of 20 psychology students (M = 21.6, SD = 6.8), and compares this with the University’s

data on the average of 18 hours each week a typical college student studies. What is the effect size of this


18) An outbreak of Salmonella-related illness was attributed to ice cream produced at a certain factory. Scientists

initially measured the level of Salmonella in a sample of 36 randomly sampled batches, with average level of 0.41

MPN/g. Is there evidence that this sample is greater than the accepted population average 0.31 and standard

deviation of 0.32 MPN/g? Were these results meaningful?

19.) A current popular game relies on the rolling of twenty sided dice to determine success or failure. The current

iteration occasionally uses rolling two dice, but only selecting the best roll to determine the outcome. An older

edition merely modified the roll by 2 during these occasions. A sample of rolls under both conventions has been

collected. The mean of 10 rolls using the two dice technique was 13.9 (SD = 3.8). The mean of 10 rolls using the

older technique was 12.5 (SD = 4.4). Does the revised technique make a difference?

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