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I need my mindtap math homework to be completely done today.

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I just need a score of 90% or greater on every piece of homework, quiz and test. There are 11 chapters total, I've done the first two already so there will be 9 left. There is one homework, one quiz and one test for each chapter. Functionally, they're all the same setup. The main difference is that you can get homework questions wrong 9x before being locked out, quizzes drop that down to 3x and Tests are either 1/2x depending on the question. There are anywhere between 20-30 questions per assignment. It's all entry level college algbra. Chapter 3 covers Linear Functions and Inequalities Chapter 4 covers Systems of Linear Equations and Equalities Chapter 5 covers Polynomials Chapter 6 covers Rational Expressions Chapter 7 covers Exponents and Radicals Chapter 8 covers Quadratic Equations Chapter 9 covers Functions and Relations Chapter 10 covers Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Chapter 11 covers Conic Sections & Sequences and Series I will let you remote into my pc and do the work online. I'll be watching and taking notes so that I have a chance at taking the final. I got my books for this class 3 weeks ago, I'm kind of stuck having to work like this. I know that I could do this if I had real time, but unfortunately I don't. Teamviewer is my preferred option, but I'm open to other tools. I'm using a linux-based pc (Pop OS) so Windows only solutions will not work. This all needs to be done by 11:55 pm eastern time today, 7/31/2021.
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