Instagram Style Web App using Boostrap, PHP, and jQuery

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Specifically, you will create the following:

Bootstrap, PHP, jQuery

Home Page

Contains information about your application (be creative)

Provides links to Register/Login

If a person is already logged in, goes to the photo browsing page

Registration Screen

Users of CITPics must register for an account before they are able to login and upload photos.

All registrants will be normal users (0 for value of u_isAdmin)

Registration should ask the user for:

First name

Last name



Geographic Location (zip code)

Login Screen

After registration, a user must login

This page will present the user with a login in screen.

There will be one user (admin) already in the database:

Username: admin/@/, Password: adminofPics, 1 for u_isAdmin

Logging in as the admin will take the user directly to the admin page

Photo Viewing Page

Once logged in, users who are not admins will arrive at this page

This page should show the user their own name

This page will also show the user all photos uploaded by all users (making this easy on everyone)

Specific information shown for each image:


Image itself (thumbnail image)


# of Likes

Link to Comments for that photo

Clicking an image will bring up the full size version of the image

HINT: You should use a jQuery plugin for this

Photo Upload Utility

This page will allow the user to upload a new pic to the system

When uploading, the user must complete a form with the following fields:

Title for this image (128 characters or less)

Summary for this image (can be paragraphs of data)

The upload form must be validated, meaning a file and the two fields above must be present before proceeding

You can use HTML or jQuery validation

When uploading, values for all fields in the database table for pics should be populated

Photo Commenting Utility

When a user wishes to view the comments for a pic, all comments will be provided in a list, sorted by the date the comment was made (Descending order)

At the bottom of the list of comments, the user should be able to add a new comment for that particular pic.

When adding a new comment, you must use AJAX to send the new comment to a page for database processing and also dynamically update the list of comments shown for the image to include the new comment at the top of the list.

Photo Like Utility

Must provide a way for a user to like an image and when an image is liked, if it has not already been liked by that user (see below), increment the number of likes for that particular image in the database.

When an image is liked, if it is allowed (see below), use AJAX to update the database and also jQuery to update the # of likes for that particular pic

NOTE: You must be able to limit the liking of an individual photo to one time per user per computer. HINT: Think cookies.

Admin Page

From here, the admin should see a list of all users in the system.

Clicking on a user’s name should present all images uploaded by that particular user.

This page also needs to allow an admin to remove (delete) an offending image from the system.

Database Structure for Project

username:   citpics

password:   c1tp1csDBPa55

DB:         citpics



      u_ID: integer                                           PK (auto-increment)

      u_FName: varchar(100)

      u_LName: varchar(100)

      u_Email: varchar(100)

      u_Password: varchar(128) – md5’ed

      u_Location: varchar(5)

      u_isAdmin: boolean



      p_ID: integer                                           PK (auto-increment)

      p_Filename: varchar(100)

      p_Title: varchar(128)

      p_Summary: mediumtext

      p_Upload: timestamp      (default: CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)

      p_Likes: integer           (default: 0)

      u_ID: integer                                           FK to user


      c_ID: integer                                           PK (auto-increment)

      c_Text: mediumtext

      c_Date: timestamp        (default: CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)   

      p_ID: integer                                           FK to pic

I have the registration page done and all the framework needed is in the zip file

Also, I only need a C on the assignment to pass

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