Looking for someone to build a shiny app that fulfills the following requirements on the attached data


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease and has been declared as a pandemic by the World

Health Organization (WHO) in 2020. Our final project involves analyzing the spread and impact of

COVID-19. This project integrates several topics covered in our course:

1. Retrieve real-time COVID-19 data from the web

2. Manipulate and process the COVID-19 data

3. Analyze patterns in the COVID-19 data

4. Summarize and visualize results

The project is designed to be team-based, but you may work without a teammate (i.e., one-person

teams are allowed). Each team should consist of 1 to 3 students (see FAQ #1 if you want more

people in the group). Students are free to choose their own teammates, but the instructor will

intervene when necessary. Once you decided your team and

even if you don’t need a teammate


please self-enroll yourself to a group on iCollege (Assignments > Groups).

Specific Instructions

The COVID-19 data is provided by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and

Engineering, and is available on GitHub at https://github.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19. The

data includes daily confirmed cases, recovered cases, and deaths across the globe.

You will develop and present your project using a shiny web app. There are several core and menu

objectives. A project needs to achieve all the core objectives and at least half of the menu objectives.

Note that all objectives should be displayed together in one single shiny app

(NOT one

app for each objective).

The slides in


in the project folder of the course website will provide

you some guidelines on how to access and process the data and how to deploy your shiny app***.

Core objectives (achieve all of these)

Important note

: All the core objectives are interconnected. That is, the numbers (core 1), table

(core 2), and plot (core 3) will change if the dropdown list (core 4) or date range (core 5) has a

different input value.


Show the following summary statistics: the total numbers of COVID-19 confirmed cases,

recovered cases, and deaths (similar example)


Show a data table with the following columns:










, and


(similar example)



Use a bar plot to show the top 5 regions in term of the latest number of confirmed cases

(similar example)




to implement a dropdown list to filter data by one or multiple


values (similar example)

5. Use


to filter data by a specific


(similar example).

Menu objectives (achieve at least 3 of these)

Important note

: A group can earn 20 bonus points towards its project submission if the group

achieves all menu objectives

1. Which 5 countries have the most deaths so far [shown in a plot]?

2. Which states in the US have more than 100 confirmed cases [shown in a table]?


What was the daily trend of confirmed cases in the state of Georgia in March 2019 [shown in

a plot]


Among the countries that have more than 1,000 confirmed cases, which ones have the highest

recovery rate (that is, the number of recovered cases divided by the number of confirmed

cases) [shown in a table]?

5. When and where did the US have the first recovered case? [any output format is fine]


Visualize the latest confirmed cases around the world in a map [shown in a plot;

this one is

significantly more challenging than the other objectives and requires some skills not covered in

our labs

; relevant examples


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