Mips Assembly Language

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Question: Mips Assembly Language

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CSCI 260 Homework 2 – Assembler The goal of this homework is to immitate an assembler. Recall that a major step in assemblers is to translate pseudoinstructions into real instructions. Do this for each of the following instructions, where big refers to a 32-bit immediate. Make sure to do it as efficiently as possible while following the rules (unlike previous homeworks, where efficiency was not emphasized). Pseudoinstruction What it accomplishes move $sp,$fp sp←fp addi $s5,$s5,big s5← s5+big sw $s6,big($gp) like sw but with a 32-bit offset ble $t2,$t3,L if t2≤t3 goto L You may use the notation biglo and bighi to refer to the lower and upper 16 bits of big – note that this can be determined at assembly-time since big is an immediate. As always, the only branch-related instructions allowed in this course are slt, slti, beq, and bne (and the various forms of jump). Submission Same rules as usual, password-only. c©This may not be posted or distributed anywhere either in part or whole
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