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Question: Modal Synthesis Music Acoustic

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The idea is to make measurements from a few notes of an acoustical instrument and simulate it by synthesising each partial separately using the measured parameters. 1. Here's a zip of some pitches of a Glockenspiel at two different dynamics (p soft, f hard): Download Choose any two of the samples. Plot the time domain waveforms of each one. 2. Locate in the spectra the partials having the most energy below 15kHz, and estimate their frequencies and sound levels at two different positions in time (this can be done manually in the spectral plots). Do the first analysis as close as possible to the attack and second one a bit later. Try to find a position where you can estimate the sound levels of the same partials. Plot the spectra. 3. The amplitude envelopes can be assumed to be exponential. Compute the parameters of an exponential amplitude envelope for each of the partials using the two time positions (see estimatingenvelope.pdf Download estimatingenvelope.pdf). Plot the amplitude envelopes of these partials. 4. Make an additive synthesis of the two samples you have chosen with your results from no. 2 and 3. Play and write the result to an audio file. (Make sure to normalize before!). If it does not sound even close to the original something is wrong. Check that all the parameters makes sense, for example that the envelopes fades reasonably fast. 5. Play a little melody of a few notes just by transposing all the pitches according to some scale. 6. Compare your syntheses with the real recording and discuss differences, problems, missing features in relation to the theory. Suggest possible improvements.
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A2-Glockenspiel-samples/.DS_Store __MACOSX/A2-Glockenspiel-samples/._.DS_Store A2-Glockenspiel-samples/Gsp_ME_p_L-sus_F#5.wav A2-Glockenspiel-samples/Gsp_ME_p_L-sus_F#6.wav __MACOSX/A2-Glockenspiel-samples/._Gsp_ME_p_L-sus_F#6.wav A2-Glockenspiel-samples/Gsp_ME_f_L-sus_F#5.wav __MACOSX/A2-Glockenspiel-samples/._Gsp_ME_f_L-sus_F#5.wav A2-Glockenspiel-samples/Gsp_ME_f_L-sus_F#6.wav __MACOSX/A2-Glockenspiel-samples/._Gsp_ME_f_L-sus_F#6.wav
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