Modeling Excel Project #

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You will need to be proficient in Excel and familiar with how to use macros and form controls. I need the file to be completed with excel calculations, not a written document. I have screenshots to provide what the file will need to look like once accepted.
Additional Instructions:
Spraying Calculator There are numerous calculations that go into effective farming. Spraying is a critical component to an operation in terms of applying fertilizer and destroying pests, both vegetable and animal. Ineffective spraying can be very costly in terms of reducing the yield of the crop. Each sprayer has a wet system to apply different chemical through a liquid based solution. The components of a wet system are as follows: 1. Product tank: the tank holds the solution to be applied. The tank capacity can be from 200 to over 1000 gallons; 2. Booms: The boom systems spread out to apply the solution to the crops. The capacity of the booms is horizontal, measured in feet; 3. Nozzles: These attach to the booms and are where the solution comes out and is applied to the crops. Nozzles vary in both the capacity of gallons per minute as well as the spray pattern applied. The nozzles are spaced evenly across the booms; boom spacing is measured in inches. Spacing can be 15, 20 or 30 inches apart; 4. Product pump: there needs to be a motor or pump which moves the solution from the tank through the booms to the nozzles. The capacity of these pumps is measured in gallons per minute. Study the Sales Operations manual provided. There are numerous calculations and formulas provided to determine the most efficient way to spray. You have been asked to convert these from paper to an Excel based calculation model. This should be a complete user-friendly point-and-click model with no manual intervention required by the user. Develop macros which clear the current work, as well as navigation to/from all of the models to the Main Menu. Check your work not by the PDFs provided but by the formulas themselves. These include (note appropriate PDF files): 1. A Main Menu screen; 2. Nozzle Flow Rate Calculator; 3. ;Low Limit Calculator; 4. Product Pump; 5. Density Conversion calculator; 6. Additional Conversion factors; 7. Nozzle Selection Models. Note the four Nozzle worksheets provided in Calculation Tables Excel file; this can also be found at A selection model should be created for Liquid Fertilizer, Specialty Applications, and Broadcast Nozzles. This may be done on one worksheet; note PDF example. Hint: build the simplest model first, then increase with levels of complexity. In addition to the Spray Nozzle worksheets, a handful of tables have been provided for the other models.
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