need a 2 part java code written-high school

Part 1

ello everyone, it's that time to start your final project. We are going to build it in a couple different parts. This is PART 1

1) you can work with ONE partner on this, that is up to you to coordinate. Your header should have both of your names

2) You will need to have a file called and a file that is called comp_Store.dat

***You can just name a new file, then delete the name and write it in, on some computers it'll ask you if you want to use the .dat file extension, click yes***

Your .dat file should contain the following information: lastName firstName sickDaysLeft sickDaysUsed IQscore***NOTE all IQ scores are made up***

landa jason 12 2 125

pitcher nikki 11 1 130

clark craig 55 55 115

jones jason 0 10 105

Your goal is to:

1) use the file I/O features discussed, to READ from a file, store the data into an arrayList. (or figure out and use a 2D array for +5% extra credit)

2) prompt the user for their name and how many sick days they would like to take.

3) check to see if they have sick days left (if 0 then reject them)

3a) if they have sick days compare to their IQ score, if sick days requested < 1/5 IQ score AND sick days requested < sick days left then they are allowed

4) print a confirmation receipt to the screen, write the new data to the same file used to load from

5) close everything and exit program.

YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO DOCUMENT ANY WORK YOU AND YOUR PARTNER DO. *** both of you are required to turn in the files NOT just one of you***

there are some awesome cloud computing solutions that are free like requires you to know how to javac and java on the command line but otherwise works fairly easy. Only no graphical component...all text based (so can't use dialog boxes, etc unless you pay)

Part 2:

You are going to take your sick days program from part 1 and modify it, please add V2 to your filename so I know the difference between your two portions of the assignment (especially if you're turning it in late).


Modify your program so it:

1) Runs until the user chooses to quit.

2) asks if you are an existing user or a new user.

2a) if existing user, continue with program and have it excecute like v1

2b) if new user, prompt for Admin password to modify file (password will be "Thanks for all the fish")

2c) If password is wrong, exit program

2d) If password right, ask for last name, first name, sick days available and IQ score (since they are new default used sick days to 0)

2e) write the contents to the file in addition to all of the other information that was already there.

AS ALWAYS, comment your code, each part is worth 5 pts, and proper tabbing and commenting is worth 15 points for a total of 50 points.

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