Need someone do homework, due other exams not time for this. C language homework

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Assume that you are given the structure below


typedef struct StudentMark {

      char name[20];

      char surname[20];

      int midterm;

      int final;



1-) Write down a program which contains

a-    A function to get the user entered name, surname, and exam marks into dynamically allocated STUDENT_MARK structure (your function MUST check input validity i.e entered marks must between [0..100]).

b-   A function to write down the entered VALID structures into a file named

as marks_YOUR_STUDENT_ID.txt. In this filename YOUR_STUDENT_ID part will be

the programmer's (1.e yours :) student ID.


2-) Write a program which contains

a-    A function to read a file named as marks_YOUR_STUDENT_ID.txt which contains STUDENT_MARK structures' data.

b-   A function to calculate the average of each student's exam marks and writes the result onto screen as


“The student NAME SURNAME's midterm mark is MIDTERM, final mark is FINAL and his/her average is AVERAGE”


NAME, SURNAME, MIDTERM, FINAL parts are the values read from file and the AVERAGE is the value calculated according to the formula (midterm * 0.4 + final * 0.6).


3-) Write down an informal design document (as an MS Word file) to describe your program design, coding decisions/altematives you preferred in details. For example, you should describe “Your file format design (i.e how you wrote the data into file), how you read data from file, how you allocated memory for the data, what you returned each function and why?" in details in addition to other decisions you made for the code. Your designs and decisions will also be the part of evaluation/marking!

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