Oracle Database

  • Download M7script.sql to c:\cis4210.
  • Start sqlplus sys/Oracle11 as sysdba.
  • SPOOL c:\cis4210\M7spool.txt
  • START c:\cis4210\M7script.sql
  • DESC SCOTT.EMP (a table belonging to the user SCOTT.)
  • Create a new table called SCOTT.EMP_RANGE that contains the same columns as the employee table. The partition key is the EMPNO column, and there should be five partitions, all located in the USERS tablespace. Assume that the values in EMPNO start at one, reach 100,000 and are distributed evenly. Remember, EMPNO needs to be adjusted to hold 100000 records.

Submit your text document with the file name c:\cis4210\M7spool.txt .

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