Position Essay on Issue of Historical and Contemporary Oppression

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The foundation of your essay must include ALL of the following:

  • Stance/position - State an arguable position on the issue you have chosen. DO NOT DEFINE the issue...take a side.
  • Time periods - What are the two sets of Dates or Movements you are addressing?
  • Authority/Key people - Who are the major players or voices in this issue/movement?
  • Proposal - What is your solution to the problem?


You must use historical research from the time period as well as contemporary factual support for your overall argument. Wikipedia is NOT considered a valid source. You must make sure that the research you include supports your argument with facts, data, and/or supplemental information that connects the history with the film and the contemporary issue you wish to focus on. Consider Pathos, Ethos, and Logos techniques to present your argument.



2 VALID sources of research information from BOTH time periods (Current and Historical for a TOTAL OF 4). This could include news articles, interviews, historical documents, editorials, films, etc.


A fully developed essay with a thesis that responds to the OVERARCHING BULLETS above. 

This includes: 

  • An introductory paragraph that explores the theme/topic you have chosen
  • clear position on HOW that theme/topic is timeless and universal.
  • And, FINALLY, a proposal for change to move forward from the current circumstance.


A conclusion at the end of the essay that responds to the question SO WHAT? This is where you make your final push for the reader to understand HOW and WHY you connected the theme from the historical context of the issue to today. Make it relevant to a global understanding of humanity.


Primary and Secondary Sources either directly quoted or paraphrased in your essay as support for your position. You must use parenthetical reference to cite ANY information that is not yours. These sources must serve to SUPPORT YOUR argument; not just be cut and pasted in to meet a requirement. All research must build YOUR conclusion about the relevance of your message in today’s world.


A Work Cited Page at the end of the essay (on a separate sheet) that lists all the sources USED in your paper. If it appears on the Works Cited page, it must be referenced directly or indirectly in the body of your essay. 

For proper MLA formatting, you can use this link: 

Easy Bib sourcing site:

https://www.easybib.com/mla8-format/website-citation/custom (Links to an external site.)


RUBRIC: (Also attached to this assignment)

Two Valid Hist. Sources         5

Two Valid Current Sources     5

Introduction Effectiveness     10

  • Clearly identifies the issue of oppression
  • Includes clear position statement
  • Establishes historical foundation

Conclusion Effectiveness       10

  • Ties the proposal for change to the issue of oppression
  • Leaves the reader with a call to action.

Use of Sources to Support Position  10

  • They are PART of your argument; NOT just pasted in.

Depth of Argument As A Whole  10

Correct Citations and Works Cited Page  5

Lack of Grammatical Distraction   5



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