Psychometric Test Taking

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Psychometric Test Taking

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Assessment Details

Deadline : Please complete these assessments as soon as possible within 5 hours.

Assessment Name   

General Ability  46 MinutesCalculator Pen and Paper

Talent Screener 25 Minutes 

About the General Ability assessment


This General Ability assessment consists of questions from the three areas of ability: deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and numerical ability. This helps us get a broad view of your abilities that are relevant to the role.

This assessment consists of 30 questions. You will see 10 questions measuring each of the three abilities. You will cycle through the three abilities through the whole test rather than seeing each ability in sequence. You have 36 minutes to answer all the questions. You will also have additional time to practise some questions prior to starting the assessment.

About the Talent Screener assessment


This Talent Screener assessment consists of 21 situational based questions reflecting typical scenarios for graduates at EY. It also includes some cultural and attitudinal style questions, all designed to help us understand how likely you are to be aligned to the profile of a top performing employee.

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