Python program for sets

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The minimum features are as follows. I recommend programming to each successive feature and testing it before moving on.

  1. Ask the user to input a set or multiple sets to be defined as 1,2,3 or a,b,c. You can instruct the user to enter elements however you wish but you must accept arbitrary but finite input of either char or int types. You can name the sets internally whatever you wish.
  2. Ask the user to select the function from a menu of: (1) One-to-One (2) Onto
  3. Compute a valid set of element assignments for the selected function. DO NOT HARDCODE THIS. Program the rules!
  4. Display the function output (e.g., f: 1 -> c, 2 -> a, 3 -> c).
  5. Ask the user if they would like to enter another set or quit.

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