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Quantative methods - BANA 6350

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Mid-Term Assignment (part - II) involves reading the problem(s), working on the datasets (tables) and solving for it. You have to submit both your LOG and the OUTPUT files to the Mid-Term Assignment tab. Click here to access MIDTERM - Part II You will need the following two files to in solving the above assignment complaints.sas7bdat force.sas7bdat Click here to submit your LOG and OUTPUT files - Mid-Term Assignment No late submissions will be accepted and or graded and there are no exceptions to this. This assignment is also due by the end of this unit on Tuesday, midnight at 11.30 pm CST.
Additional Instructions:
MIDTERM – PART - II Problem 1: Use the file called complaints and investigate the content of the file. You will notice that there is only one column. Split the column into to two columns and call the first one Product and the second one Issue. Produce a report that shows which type of product has the highest occurrence. Make sure your report is titled appropriately and should clearly show the manager at a glance which product type has the highest and lowest occurrence. Make sure you comment in the code (after you have run the analysis) which product had the highest and which had the least occurrence and what that number of occurrence was. Problem 2: For this problem use the file called Force. Run any analysis that you can think of that shows your manger if the data is normally distributed. Type up your response in the comment section of the code itself and how you arrived at this conclusion or lack thereof. Make sure you submit all the relevant files before the deadline of this unit (Tuesday, 11.30 pm CST). No late submissions will be accepted or graded.
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