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Self-identity research paper.

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(Please make it SINGLE-SPACED! ). Using at least 4 of the sociological concepts discussed in class and in your textbook, examine how your social Identification or status/location has shaped your behavior or your perspective on life in the past, presently, and possibly in the future. 4 pages. All papers should be typed; late papers will be penalized or may not be accepted. Use your Sociological Imagination to examine the situations you write about and to demonstrate an awareness of the key topics in this class. Be mindful to discuss how society has or has not impacted your behavior or perspectives. Your social Identification or status/location etc. could be the neighborhood or city you were born in, your gender, your religion, your sexual orientation, your race or ethnicity, your social economic class or formal or informal groups of which you are a member etc. Be sure to incorporate key, relevant concepts from the textbook and from class discussions in your paper as you analyze your social identification/status etc. Read the relevant chapter in the text that discusses your social identity or location and use concepts from the text to show understanding and analysis of those concepts as it relates to your paper. (THE 4 CONCEPTS YOU CAN USE ARE, 1)SUBCULTURE, 2) CULTURE SHOCK, 3) LOOKING GLASS-SELF, 4) STAGES OF THE SELF, 5) FACE-WORK, 6) IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT. Please make it SINGLE-SPACED!
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