Semiotic Analysis Of A Photograph Or Poster

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Question: Semiotic Analysis Of A Photograph Or Poster

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Choose an advertisement, a photograph, or some packaging of a commercial product that you think would provide a good example for a semiotic analysis and write a page or two (300 - 500 words) about what and how it signifies, based on our class materials and discussions of semiotics (you may wish to revisit these in weeks seven, eight, and nine, in particular). Points to consider as you choose your image/object and conduct your analysis: Choose something that you find interesting so that you will enjoy exploring and explaining its meaning(s). Remember that the most important question to answer is HOW the image/object makes meaning. Address what the details/signs denote (describe) and connote (underlying meanings, messages, myths, etc.)--are there underlying assumptions and/or overt messages about social or political structures/ideologies, race, gender, class, power, authority, nature, culture, etc? Be sure to make your analysis meaningful--i.e., don't just provide a list of what you see, but make use of the analytical tools you have been introduced to in the course and trust your own powers of observation to explain how the image creates meaning. What first attracted you to the ad/image? What immediate associations did you have with it? Is there written text included that reinforces or alters your first impression? A good way to de-code images is to imagine alternative versions of them: what if gender roles, race, class, age, setting, clothing, props, etc. were swapped for others--how would meanings change? In the journal, acknowledge any sources that helped you in your analysis (this can include course materials plus any others that informed your assignment), and, of course, please include the image you are analyzing and credit its source.
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