Software Engineering Principles Assignment

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Question: Software Engineering Principles Assignment

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A “Vital Signs Monitoring System” in the Intensive Care Unit of a Hospital. Conduct a complete and detailed Object-Oriented Analysis and Design for the problem given. Start with a brief description of the system – what does the system do? Then describe all the stages (problem definition, requirements gathering, system models (use cases, sequence diagrams, state machine diagrams, etc.), architectural designs, implementation details, class diagrams, interfaces, etc. – drawing all relevant diagrams – as many diagrams as required. Type your answer or write legibly. If you draw diagrams on paper, scan them and make one pdf file. Implement one module in Java or Python. Draw the design (class diagrams) of the module and implement the code. There should be at least 4 classes in your code (including the driver class). Make sure you include relevant comments. Send me the Java source code files or Python codes in one text file, arranged in the order they should be compiled/interpreted.
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