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Question: Student Development Training Session - Education Final Project Help

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Student Development Training Session

Assume the hypothetical role of a Student Affairs professional within a university setting. You have been asked by your supervisor to prepare one 50-minute training session for a new team of academic advisors, who will be hired and onsite by the next semester, and an advance reading list that they will have read prior to the training. Your goal is to train the team of academic advisors on one learning objective that you will develop with an individual identity focus or a social identity focus as justified by student development theory.

For the Final Project, you will present the academic advisor training session material that focuses on one of the two options based on the university’s philosophy for student development:

  1. Student individual identity development
  2. Student social identity development

 The Final Project will not require a title page, but you must include at least seven scholarly sources consulted for the presentation, theoretical justification, and training design, formatted using proper APA style. 

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