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summarize and evaluate the your chosen research article based on this guide

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Hello, I am looking for someone to complete my stats project. I will attach the guidelines and instructions below. Please use one of the articles listed in the attached instructions.
Additional Instructions:
[Type text] RESEARCH STATISTICS FINAL PROJECT (due in Week 15 of course) Instructor: Karen Smith 1-985-227-2918 (call or text) Article Critique and Summary IMPORTANT: This project is due before our last class date (Week 15). Pay attention to course schedule and instructor announcements via General Forum or e-mail. The goal of this activity is to give you an opportunity to apply the knowledge and insight you’ve gained by evaluating a published research paper/article. Keep in mind the unique nature of this assignment… You will choose and evaluate a research article from a researcher's perspective. Your article must be selected from a medical research oriented journal. For this assignment, you will summarize and evaluate the your chosen research article based on this guide. After completing your critique you should submit: 1. Your article review/critique, including a summary of the article and its indicated research methods… (continue reading for more about what to include in your paper). 2. Papers must be saved as and submitted as PDF format (there will be a link in Week 15 to submit your paper). Here is a brief list of links to studies/research articles to give you an idea of the type of article you should review. You may use one of these or select a similar type of article from a reputable medical research journal/publication. *Note: If any of these links do not work, you can copy, paste and search in your browser. ● Polyphenols as dietary supplements: A double-edged sword ● The role of deliberate practice in the acquisition of clinical skills ● Patient perception of pain care in hospitals in the United States ● Synchrotron Imaging Techniques for Bone and Cartilage Tissue Engineering: Potential, Current Trends, and Future Directions ● Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts' e-Library is also a great resource…(this link takes you there). ***Please, ask for my opinion if you are not confident in your article choice.*** Grading And Format for Research Critique In the article review, you will choose, evaluate, and review/critique your article using the rubric criteria and guidance questions found on the following pages. The body of your paper should be longer than your introduction and summary, and you should pay special attention to the design and procedures used in the research. Again, guidance is included in the following pages. http://article/00013786ecdd48d1b1ec9756ed4bff46 The structure of your paper should NOT be like a Q & A list. Instead, you should integrate your answers into an essay format. Your submission should be in an essay form approximately 2 - 3 pages in length and in APA style. Please, submit your paper in PDF format. Journal Article Evaluation Form 1=Inadequate, 2=Poor, 3= Fair, 4=Good, 5=Excellent Characteristics 1 2 3 4 5 1. Problem is clearly stated 2. Problem is significant 3. Relationship of the problem to previous research is made clear 4. Hypotheses are clearly stated 5. Important terms are defined 6. The sample is described 7. The sample is large enough 8. The sample is representative 9. Method of sampling is appropriate (a random sample is used) 10. Data-gathering methods or procedures are described 11. The data-gathering procedures were unbiased (participants could not be influenced by the researchers) 12. Data-gathering methods or procedures are appropriate to the solution of the problem 13. Appropriate methods are selected to analyze the data 14. Results of the analysis are presented clearly 15. Conclusions are clearly stated 16. Conclusions are substantiated by the evidence presented 17. Other possible explanations are discussed 18. Generalizations/conclusions are confined to the population from which the sample was drawn 19. Limitations of the study are stated 20. Article is clearly written 21. Article is logically organized 22. Tone of the article displays an unbiased, impartial scientific attitude *Adapted from the Handbook in Research and Evaluation, Isaac and Michael (1983) PROJECT FORMATTING Main Questions List (Definitely answer these somewhere in your paper!): · What is (are) the research problem(s)? · What is (are) the research question(s) (or hypothesis)? · Is the research relevant or important? Why? · In your own words what methods and procedures were used? Evaluate the methods and procedures. · Describe the sample used in this study. How was the sample data collected? · Describe the reliability and validity of all the measurement instruments used (scales, BP cuffs, thermometers, surveys, observation, experiment) · How was the data analyzed? · What is (are) the major finding(s)? Are these findings important? · What would you suggest to improve this research? Remember, the body of this paper should be between 2-3 pages. If you need guidance, email me right away at
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