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Systems Engineering Case Study

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This is for my Systems Engineering course that I am taking at an undergraduate level. We are tasked with completing a case study, look at the attached file for details.
Additional Instructions:
INSY 4970/7720 Systems Engineering I – Fall 2022 1 Case Study – Plainsman One Due Date: Sunday, December 4 (11:59 PM) Your task is to develop the concept for the next Plainsman One executive aircraft to be used by the Auburn University President and other University personnel (as approved). Plainsman One will operate from the Auburn University Regional Airport. Aubie, the newly appointed President of Auburn University, has plans to expand Auburn’s Advanced Manufacturing thought leadership and influence by providing Technical Engineering Expertise. This initiative will fly subject matter experts from Auburn University to client sites around the country. The new Auburn Executive aircraft will facilitate getting the experts (and equipment) to the client site within 48 hours. Aircraft maximum cargo capacity will be determined once the aircraft type is selected and is not a constraint for aircraft selection. Dr. Purdy plans to have the new Plainsman One available for use on an upcoming government contract starting in March 2024; a Space Ex project at their Texas launch facility in 2025; and a Lockheed Martin “special project” starting in September of 2023. If unfamiliar with Air Force One which this project is based on, please look at the link in the additional resources. Part A: Deliverables 1. Describe “a day in the life of” your system for “typical” use. Include primary functions, and assumptions affecting your design decisions 2. Identify the key stakeholders. For each of the stakeholders you identify, provide a short description or list of what their needs would be for the system. 3. Describe how your system is designed to accommodate “crisis” requirements (if any). Give one example of a “crisis” scenario. Make sure to incorporate these into your requirements. 4. Provide a work breakdown structure (hierarchy) to the second (2nd) level for the interior inhabited space. 5. Develop a set of requirements for the interior spaces of the aircraft. 6. Describe two (2) design aspects that may be critical cost drivers and how you intend to manage costs within your budget for these items. 7. What are some risk areas that could impact the delivery of your new Plainsman 1 aircraft on time, as required (performance-wise)? For each risk area, provide a properly formatted risk statement. 8. Provide a description of ideal airframe type. Provide a description of a few different design alternatives. Part B: Assumptions and Constraints 1. You are to determine and define a set of requirements for the interior spaces only. Any special electronics, defensive systems, or “special mission systems” are not part of this case study. 2. Treat each “room” or compartment in the interior as a separate subsystem of the Plainsman 1 system. 3. Aircraft must be able to take off fully loaded with fuel and passengers/cargo from the Auburn University Regional Airport, and land at Auburn University Regional Airport fully loaded with passenger/cargo year-round, day or night INSY 4970/7720 Systems Engineering I – Fall 2022 2 4. Flight crew shall consist of the following certified personnel: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 4 cabin crew members, 2 maintenance specialists. 5. Minimum number of passengers shall be no less than 6 (does not include crew). 6. For any design consideration, provide rationale and evaluation criteria/process for selection decisions that you make. Part C: Optional Questions The following questions will help you get started on structuring your program and setting up your WBS. You are NOT required to include the answers to these questions in your responses. However, these questions may shape your thinking on the deliverables so feel free to include your responses if you would like. 1. Who are the decision makers? What do you know about those decision makers personalities/behaviors that might influence system design? How likely are the decision makers to change during the design/development/production of the aircraft? 2. Who are the key stakeholders, including primary users of the aircraft? Are the users of the aircraft also decision makers for the financial execution of the project? 3. What is the primary function of the aircraft with respect to the responsibilities of the University President? 4. What are the main (top five) functions/activities that will be performed onboard this aircraft? List them in priority order for funding purposes. Which ones are high priority but not essential? Which ones would be nice to have but may significantly increase cost? 5. What constraints does the new Plainsman 1 program have on it – time, financial, others? Are those constraints fixed, fluid, or negotiable? Can those external forces be influenced or controlled? What external forces could affect these constraints? 6. What human factors standards will you choose to define the design criteria? 7. What items might be changed late in the design process by a change in decision makers? How big an impact would that be to delivery of the final product? 8. Does the design include any long lead subsystems or materials that may be schedule drivers? Part D: Resources The following resources may be helpful: 1. Provides a floor plan and renderings of Air Force: 2. Information about the Auburn University Regional Airport: 3. Details on the weight class of various aircraft: 4. Tool to compare different private jets: 5. Airframe: basic structure of an airplane or spacecraft excluding its power plant and instrumentation; its principal components thus include the wings, fuselage, tail assembly, and landing gear. Part A: Deliverables Part B: Assumptions and Constraints Part C: Optional Questions Part D: Resources
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