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The Loss of the Creature Walker Percy Significant Statements assignment

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For this assignment, please begin by looking back at The Loss of the Creature Walker Percy, please identify one "significant statement" (important sentence) in the essay. These are the types of sentences where we feel our minds slowing down to pay extra attention to the writer's words and meaning. These are the places we might underline as we recognize them as important places where the author's meaning is rising to the surface, even if we might not initially understand the sentence/statement/idea fully. First, begin by typing that sentence you have selected from the essay across the top of your page. From there please write FOUR paragraphs that do each of the following tasks: Paragraph 1: Taking the sentence in isolation (as though you see it on a billboard) please explain it, unpack it, deconstruct the sentence on its own to explain what it means in and of itself. Paragraph 2: Now, please contextualize the sentence and the idea in the sentence within the author's entire essay. Where is it situated in their argument? What role does it play in the overall idea of the essay? Why is it significant in that essay? Paragraph 3: Now please begin to examine places where that sentence/statement and its idea connects to the other essay we read. Does it agree/disagree/overlap? Essentially, how does it relate to the thinking of the other author and how does your understanding of those two ideas connected to one another perhaps change your thinking about the idea/statement? Paragraph 4: Please now broaden the thinking in the sentence and make a connection between it and something important in your life? Does it make you think of a scene you saw in Spider man? Does it make you think of your favorite song? Or an argument you had with a friend/parent, etc....? Basically, this is the place where you seek to make the statement and the idea in that statement relevant to something real and important in your life, beyond just the classroom context. In this paragraph explain that thinking, help us/readers understand the connection for you that is rooted in that statement.

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