Tools Used in Digital Forensics

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Would like to write a scholarly research paper on a digital forensics topic, focusing on the tools used in digital forensics. It needs to be a proper literature review, identifying a research question, and propose a methodology for empirical research to answer that research question. The paper is to be presented/done in milestones: - Milestone I - a proposed literature review. It needs to be an intelligently constructed bibliography after reading abstracts and skimming articles of interest, to determine true applicability to the topic. Milestone I is due October 1 @ 5pm CDT - Milestone II - Evidence Drive Creation. Due November 19 @ 5pm CDT - Milestone III - Analysis and Report of Findings. This is the final version of the paper, which includes the finalized version of what was turned in for Mileston II--improvements are expected. Milestone III is due December 12 @ 5pm CDT. Typical structure of report/paper: Section 1: Introduction Section 2: Related Work Section 3: Research methodology / setup Section 4: Findings and discussion Section 5: Conclusion and future work
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