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Build a web application for handling a pizza restaurant's online orders. It should support all of the available menu items for Pinocchio's Pizza & Subs (http://www.pinocchiospizza.net/menu) (if you dont want to click the link thats fine, just google it, its a famous pizza place near Harvard university). This is not supposed to be a real site, its an exercise. The following requirements should be met:

1 - All menu items and possible orders types should be displayed on a menu page. 

2 - Using pages generated by Flask-admin, site administrators should be able to add, update, and remove items on the menu. Then, add all of the items from the Pinocchio’s menu into your database (this option should be enabled in the code. Best is that you make your own database and using that to finish the code. After the assignment is done the database here can be connected to the code so that there is no interference).

3 - Customers should be able to register on the site with username, password, first name, last name and email address. They should be able to log in and out. For this Flask-Login needs to be used.

3.1 - Some sort of JavaScript or Bootstrap alert should be implemented to prevent already taken username submissions.

4 -  Once logged in users should see the menu and be able to select number of items ordered and what kind of food, toppings and extra's (if appropriate, see pizza website) they want. The maximum number of toppings should be 5. The users should be able to add these to their virtual shopping cart, which should be saved even if the user closes the window or logs out and logs back in again.

5 -  Once there is at least one item in a user’s shopping cart, they should be able to place an order, whereby the user is asked to confirm the items in the shopping cart, and the total before placing an order.

6 - Site administrators should have access to a page where they can view basic details of any orders that have already been placed

7 - Support sending users a confirmation email once their purchase is complete and linking to an order summary page. No need for payment. Be sure not to store any credentials in the source code, use environment variables.

Additional important points:

- Some basic CSS, colors and titles can be included. But keep the lay out it very simple. 

- Any page (except for the pages only available when logged in) should be reachable from any other page.

- Only use the following software: HTML, Javascript, Python, SQLalchemy and Flask

- Make your own Heroku database (this is free and easy to do) and use that to set up the site. 

- Base your code on the template included. All models and ways of migrating the files to the database should be put in models.py. As you can see part of it is done already.

- Any additional Python packages used should be included in requirements.txt

- Once the assignment is done be sure to have a clear pycache, no comments in the code and no other personal traces.

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