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Webpage About American Diversity

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you are to submit a completed web page/site, including code statements, screen captures, and a brief narrative of the page/site's purpose, functions, and features. Your design and completed page/site should contain and exhibit the concepts, tools, and methods discussed in this course, including, but not limited to: New elements of HTML5 and CSS3 A design structure that adapts a desktop monitor and a standard smartphone screen size. At least one each of page and formatting frameworks (of your choice) At least one graphic image One or more CSS animation Below is the topic and details of the webpage: For the final project I will create a website that highlights the diversity of America. Over the last decade our country has grown more divided than I have seen before in my lifetime. I myself have had to evaluate my behavior online an in conversation because of the passion with which I debate or convey my beliefs. We may lose ourselves and forget that we are all part of the fabric of this country. This is a country of immigrants, founded by immigrants, and it is our differences and they way we have been able to meld them together that have made us one of the best countries in the world. I want to create a website that highlights that. The homepage will be a colorful picture of the USA, and there will be links to different pages. Each region will have its own page, and each page will highlight the diversity of that region with pictures and stories from that area. The stories chosen will show how people have come together for a common cause, not as a specific racial, ethnic, religious, or gender group, but as Americans
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