write a text based adventure game in C.

The design of the game is completely yours but it should have at least 3 locations/rooms and

each location will contain objects that can be picked up and used. The objective of the game is to

nish the game with a high score. The project is divided into 3 parts, given roughly in order that

you should complete them in.

1.1 The Game - 

Create a structure that stores information about locations/rooms in the game and write

functions to navigate through the (at least) 3 locations.

Create a structure to store the player name and the score and write functions to update the


Create a simple unit test for these systems that traverses through the locations and updates

the score.

1.2 Adding commands and features - 

Add commands to your game. Your game should repeatedly (1) print information about the

player's current location (2) prompt the user for a command then (3) execute the command.

Add objects into your locations. Each object should be able to be picked up and placed in

the player's inventory (via a command). If the object is in the player's inventory, it can be

used later in the game.

1.3 Refactor - 

Refactor the code into libraries and have a working makele for the project.

1.4 Report - 

Write a report describing your game. At a minimum, your report should include:

A description of all les in the project.

A general overview of the design, highlighting the object, inventory, and location systems.

A walkthrough of the game.

Any extant bugs.

1.5 Complexity - 

Some ideas:

Increase the complexity of the game by adding more objects, resources, and adding more


Use randn() function to add randomness to the outcome of decision made by the player.

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