You will be a creating a “treasure hunt” game where a player explores avirtual map looking for treasure.


[200 pts]

You will be a creating a “treasure hunt” game where a player explores a

virtual map looking for treasure. This will be a text based game, so the terminal will

be utilized for describing the player’s surrounding and exploration options. This will

be a randomly generated game, where each play will have a random map/world for

the player to explore. The goal of the game is for the player to find the hidden ruins

and discover the treasure before running out of energy.

The core of this game is exploring a map with different types of “Lands”. There will be

four different kinds of lands to explore, such as forests, deserts, orchards, lakes, and

ruins. The player will have a set x,y position within the map, and each turn will be

given the option to explore north, south, east, or west.

To start with a map of a certain dimension will be constructed (default dimension





). Player will be placed in the middle of map (default is at




) with en-

ergy level set to 5 . The user will be provided with the description on what is seen in

NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, and WEST direction. The sample descriptions are as follows:

You see ,

a tropical dense forest to the north ,

an orchard filled with apples to the south ,

a water body to quench your thirst to the west ,

an arid hot desert to the east.

Then the user will make a choice on which direction to move. Depending on the move

the user will either increase the energy or decrease the energy and an outcome will

be described. The energy level and description are as follows:



Energy Level


You walk through the hot and dry desert Decrements by 2


You trek through the dense forest

Decrements by 1


You eat an apple in the orchard

Increment by 2


You are hydrated

Increment by 1

After each turn, a banner is displayed which details the current energy level of the

user. The game ends when the user runs out of the energy or finds the treasure.




To implement you will use the following files:





consists of the definition of the Player class and the implemen-

tation is done in






consists of an Abstract class (pure virtual function) and Derived

class for Desert, Forest, Orchard, Lake, and Ruins.



: Creates the map using a random number generator, and con-

trols the game through a Player object





is the game header which includes all the necessary header.


creates the Player object and calls the




• Player class will contain (minimal)


the current x and y position, energy level, treasure found or not. Write acces-

sors and mutators to access these data members


the map dimension. This should be a static private member and add a public

static function to access the data


the player movement function. These function (one for each direction North,

South, East, South) will increment or decrement depending on player move-

ment. Make sure to check the boundaries else will result in segmentation


• Land class will contain


An abstract class with two pure virtual function. One for the description and

the other for player visit


derived classes (derived form Land) for Forest, Orchard, Desert, Lake, and

Ruins. In each derived class the description and player visit function is re-

defined. The player visit function requires Player object to increment and

decrement the energy level

• GameEngine will contain


a two dimensional map of all the Land. Use the upcasting technique to create

a variable (Remember Land is an Abstract class you CANNOT have a valued

object of Land)


map is defined using random variable generator. (Use


library and

NOT time rand() function)


a loop for game runtime which displays the description, gets the user input,

and displays the outcome until the energy is exhausted, or user finds the

treasure, or user press Q (Q for QUIT)


3 Deliverable

There is no demo for this lab. Instead you turn in the following:

1. Upload all the cpp and h file (do not upload the makefile)

2. Take a screenshot of your output showing at least two turns and upload it to Canvas

(in PNG

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