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Supporting SMART but Needy students

Tutlance’s scholarship programme supports Talented, Smart, and Deserving college and graduate school students. Let us help you break the barriers of success.

About Tutlance

Tutlance scholarship programme started in 2010 with the aim to offer financial assistance to smart and talented students. Scholarships are given to students with excellent academic records, high GPA scores and proven leadership qualities. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited US, UK, CA, or AU college or university.

We know that paying for college education is getting harder every year. We are looking to help students who has made an effort to become better, but has financial difficulties that prevent them from receiving the education they deserve.

Open Scholarships

Grade Star Scholarship

Value: $5000 Per Year

Are you a nerd but facing financial challenges? Do you have 3.5 GPA and above? Tutlance Grade Star Scholarship is open for application.

Community Star Scholarship

Value: $5000 Per Year

Are you a leader in your community and facing financial difficulties to advance your education? Apply for a Tutlance community star scholarship now.

Tech Star Scholarship

Value: $7000 Per Year

We are accepting scholarship application for students studying: Computer science, Software engineering, Hardware engineering, IT (Programming and web development), crypto/blockchain.

Nursing/Medicine Star Scholarship

Value: $5000 Per Year

Covid has taught us the importance of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers. We are looking for smart students to apply for this scholarship.

Apply for financial scholarships

Here’s your chance to apply for financial scholarships and save big on your college bills. Tutlance scholarship is open to all students who are looking for help in academics. If you want to know more about the college scholarships available, read along.

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