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Analytical chemistry help

Analytical chemistry is a branch of chemistry that is different from other branches because it has many different fields that are involved in it.

There are four basic divisions of analytical chemistry which include elemental, inorganic, organic and physical analysis. Elemental analyses can be used to determine if a mineral or metal is present in another material. Inorganic analysis uses techniques such as chromatography or spectroscopy to separate compounds into individual components before they are analyzed further. Organic analysis involves separating mixtures of organic compounds by distillation, gravity separation, thin-layer chromatography, column chromatography or extraction with solvents.

Physical methods include calorimetry, electrical conductivity measurements and X-ray diffraction for both solid samples and solutions. Electroanalytical chemistry is the branch of analytical chemistry that explores the application of electrodes for both qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical substances. Analytical chemistry has become very important in helping scientists and engineers solve problems and develop new, practical applications.

An analytical chemist uses different techniques to separate, identify and quantify the materials that go into or come out of a reaction or process. If you enjoy working as part of a team to solve problems and conducting research on advanced technologies, an analytical chemist career may be right for you.

What is analytical chemistry?

Analytical chemistry is a branch of chemistry that applies analytical techniques to determine the fundamental properties and chemical composition of a substance.

Analytical chemistry is the only field of science that deals with all aspects of analyzing any material, whether it is physical, inorganic or organic. The methods used cover many areas including spectroscopy, chromatography and electrochemistry.

The main functions of analytical chemistry are:

  • Quality control (QC) - analysis to ensure products meet specification;
  • Forensic - chemical evidence for crimes;
  • Environmental - monitoring pollution levels;
  • Biomedical - medical diagnosis;
  • Food industry - food safety;
  • Research and development (R&D) of new products/processes.

What is Separation Science?

Separation Science is an integral part of Analytical Chemistry which deals with the various techniques of separation of mixtures. Depending on the type of interactions involved in the process of separation, these techniques are broadly classified as:

1. Chromatography – which separates sample components by exploiting their different affinities to a stationary phase and a mobile phase. The two types of chromatography are paper chromatography and column chromatography. It is mainly used for separation of organic molecules having lipophilic and hydrophilic character.

2.Electrophoresis – which separates sample components by using an electric field applied to a travelling solvent front that interacts with each component present to separate them from one another due to their differing electrophoretic mobilities (it can be further divided into Differential Mobility Analysis Method or Discontinuous Gel Electrophoresis or Size Exclusion Chromatography).

3. Solvent extraction – which separates sample components by selectively dissolving them with a solvent. It is mainly used for separation of inorganic ions from aqueous solutions.

What are the fields of analytical chemistry?

  1. Industrial Analytical Chemistry: This field involves using basic chemical techniques to solve industry-specific problems for improving quality, productivity, profitability etc. Some examples include process analysis, product development and research & development (R&D), environmental monitoring, food safety etc.
  2. Forensic Chemistry: Forensic chemists analyze physical evidence collected at crime scenes to help catch criminals or prove that suspects are not guilty of crimes they have been accused of committing.
  3. Forensic Science: Forensic science is a multidisciplinary field involving chemistry, biology, genetics etc. It includes the collection and analysis of evidence from a crime scene to determine what happened and who was involved in committing the crime. Ask for help with forensic science homework.
  4. Environmental Analytical Chemistry: This branch of analytical chemistry involves identifying pollutants found in air, water, soil and other natural resources. The aim here is to identify major sources of pollution producing these contaminants and then develop solutions for reducing or eliminating the pollution at its source.
  5. Food & Agricultural Analytical Chemistry: With an ever-increasing demand for food around the world due to population growth there is a need to ensure that what we consume is safe to eat along with monitoring food quality. Here chemists play a crucial role in testing food products to make sure they are safe for consumption. This field also includes the monitoring of agricultural land to assess fertiliser and pesticide levels, ensuring that crops get the necessary nutrients etc.
  6. Biomedical Analytical Chemistry: The application of analytical chemistry techniques to develop medical diagnostic tests, improve pharmaceutical drugs and monitor patients' compliance with prescribed drug regimens is known as biomedical analytical chemistry.
  7. Scientific Information Management: Information management involves collecting, analyzing, documenting and storing information obtained through experimental research activities in laboratories so it can be accessed by other scientists. Scientific information must also be validated data so it can be trusted when used for suggesting new hypotheses or applications. It therefore involves critical appraisal of scientific literature while developing software tools for scientific information management.
  8. Chemical Education: The importance of chemical education is growing not only due to an increase in undergraduate and graduate students pursuing chemistry degrees but also the fact that chemists are now playing important roles as teachers, mentors, trainers etc. at primary and secondary levels. Chemical education involves designing appropriate experiments to illustrate principles of chemistry, using different modes of teaching including laboratory work, lectures, tutorials etc. There are many job opportunities in this field for those with PhDs or postdoctoral research experience who can apply their chemical knowledge at universities or colleges to teach the next generation of scientists.

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Analytical chemistry report writing help

Writing analytical chemistry reports are some of the most challenging assignments an analytical chemist has to complete. Analytical chemistry is widely applied in science and industry. Therefore, analytical chemistry reports need to be written in a very precise manner that leaves no room for erroneous conclusions or ambiguous statements that may lead others astray. When writing an analytical chemistry report it is important to keep in mind that other scientists can use your work, to extend it further if needed. The analytical chemistry report should be written in an organized manner that clearly explains all of the data that was collected and presents it in a way that is easy for others to understand.

An analytical chemistry report typically begins with a brief introduction which describes what experiments were performed, why they were performed, and what was discovered during the experiment. Following this there is typically a section describing the materials that were used throughout the process of performing the experiments which can include consumables like alcohol or chemicals, machines like centrifuges or scales, and papers like maps or reference charts. This section may also describe how to properly use all of these different materials. Following the materials section there are typically subsections which describe in detail how all of the experiments were performed, what equipment was used to perform them, what work up procedures were done, what results were found during each experiment, and how they compared with each other. During this whole process it is very important that any facts or theories previously published in books or papers are properly cited so that the information can be verified if necessary.

An analytical chemistry report should also include a conclusions section where all of the data is evaluated and interpreted. This section will take into account earlier sections in order to make valid observations about what has been discovered during the experiments described above. The conclusions should be clearly stated without any ambiguous information that may lead others astray. Finally an analytical chemistry report should include a references section where other scientists can look if they need to extend the work done in their own experiments.

Analytical chemistry is not an easy subject and writing analytical chemistry reports is even harder for inexperienced writers. However, following these simple steps will help any analytical chemist write a clear and concise report suitable for others to use as a starting point for their own research.

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Acid base analytical chemistry help

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