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Nursing research is an essential component of providing evidence-based practice. As healthcare evolves, it becomes apparent that the need for nursing research is necessary to provide the highest quality of care to patients. Nursing research involves the collection and analysis of data from various sources, such as clinical data, patient outcomes, and surveys, among others.

Evidence-based practice is a term used to describe the integration of scientific research, clinical expertise, and patient values and preferences to make informed decisions about patient care. Evidence-based practice has gained popularity in recent years, as it aims to optimize patient outcomes by using the best available evidence.

In nursing research, evidence-based practice is derived from scientific research that provides reliable and reproducible results. Therefore, evidence-based practice helps healthcare professionals make informed decisions that are based on empirical evidence, rather than personal opinions or beliefs.

Moreover, nursing research and evidence-based practice are interconnected in various ways. Nursing research helps healthcare professionals generate new knowledge and evidence that can be applied to clinical practice, and evidence-based practice uses the latest research findings to inform patient care decisions.

One example of nursing research that has significantly impacted evidence-based practice is the implementation of hand hygiene protocols. Multiple studies have shown that healthcare-associated infections can be reduced by adhering to proper hand hygiene protocols. Therefore, evidence-based practice now mandates that healthcare professionals follow these protocols to reduce the risk of infections.

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