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Welcome to Tutlance Mathematics service page, where we offer a wide range of mathematical topics that cater to students, researchers, and professionals alike. Our comprehensive approach to mathematics ensures that our customers learn and apply the latest mathematical principles and theories essential to their field of interest.

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Mathematics Study Areas

Main areas of study in mathematics include:


Algebra, the study of mathematical symbols and the rules of manipulating them, extends far beyond the simple equations taught in high school. It involves the study of abstract structures such as groups, rings, fields, and vector spaces, providing a fundamental understanding of complex mathematical concepts. Algebra lays the groundwork for many areas of applied mathematics and physics, giving us the tools to model and analyze everything from the movement of celestial bodies to the behavior of financial markets. It enables scientists and engineers to describe and solve complex problems with precision and efficiency.

Ultimately, the rules and principles of algebra serve as the basis for many of the innovations and advancements that shape our modern world.

Applied Mathematics

From engineering to computer science, many industries rely on the practicality and precision of applied mathematics to solve real-world problems. The field of applied mathematics applies mathematical methods to various areas, allowing professionals to make better-informed decisions based on data-driven insights. This area of study is crucial in various domains, from finance to physics, helping overcome different challenges by providing dynamic, efficient, and innovative solutions.

By thinking critically and creatively, applied mathematicians equip themselves with the skills needed to translate abstract mathematical concepts to real-life scenarios, providing solutions that can transform and improve the world..

Applied Statistics

In today's data-driven world, applied statistics has become an essential tool for solving practical problems in various fields. Whether it's in healthcare, social sciences, or engineering, the ability to analyze and interpret data is crucial for making informed decisions.

Descriptive statistics provide a snapshot of the data, allowing us to summarize and visualize the information. Inferential statistics, on the other hand, allow us to draw conclusions and make predictions about a larger population based on a sample.

By utilizing these statistical methods, we can uncover trends, relationships, and patterns in the data that can guide decision-making and improve outcomes.

Approximation Theory

Approximation theory is the study of how to approximate complex functions using simpler and more manageable functions. It has applications in numerical analysis, computer graphics, and signal processing.


Bioinformatics is the study of computational methods for analyzing and interpreting biological data. It combines techniques from computer science, mathematics, and biology.

Business Calculus

Business calculus is the application of calculus in business and economics. It is used to optimize business processes, such as production, marketing, and finance.

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Business Statistics

Business statistics involves the use of statistics to study business and economics. It includes the study of probability, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis, among others.

Business Studies

Business Studies involve the study of business, management, and marketing principles and techniques. It covers subjects such as accounting, finance, human resources, and organizational behavior.


Calculus is the branch of mathematics that deals with rates of change and the accumulation of small changes to determine larger quantities.

It has wide-ranging applications in fields such as physics, engineering, and economics.


Combinatorics is the study of finite and discrete structures. It includes the study of permutations, combinations, and graph theory.

Combinatorics is used in computer science, cryptography, and coding theory.

Elementary Statistics

Elementary statistics involves the study of basic statistical concepts, including probability, descriptive statistics, and hypothesis testing. It is an essential subject in all fields that involve data analysis.

Experimental Design

Experimental design is the process of designing experiments to test hypotheses. It involves techniques such as randomized controlled trials, analysis of variance (ANOVA), and regression analysis.


Geometry is the study of space and the relationships between objects within it. It includes the study of points, lines, planes, and shapes. Geometry forms the foundation of many fields, including physics and engineering.

Graph Theory

Graph theory involves the study of graphs and networks. It has applications in computer science, social networks, and transportation networks.

Linear Algebra

Linear algebra involves the study of vectors, matrices, and linear transformations. It is used in fields such as computer graphics, cryptography, and optimization.

Mathematical Logic

Mathematical logic is the study of formal systems used in mathematics. It involves the study of Boolean algebra, logic gates, and truth tables. Mathematical logic plays an essential role in computer science and artificial intelligence.

Number Theory

Numbers are fascinating, and number theory is the study of their intricate properties. The field includes everything from prime numbers to complex Diophantine equations. Mathematicians in this area are interested in understanding how numbers work together and how they behave in different situations. Number theory is not just a theoretical pursuit; it forms the foundation for a whole host of technological applications.

Without number theory, our modern communication systems, including cryptography, coding theory, and data security, would not be possible.

Numerical Analysis

Numerical analysis involves the use of numerical methods to solve problems, including approximations and optimization. It includes techniques such as interpolation and extrapolation, numerical integration, and numerical differentiation.


Precalculus involves the study of the fundamental concepts of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. It is essential for students planning to study calculus.


Probability involves the study of random phenomena and the rules governing them. It includes the study of conditional probability, random variables and distributions, and hypothesis testing.

Psychology Statistics

Psychology statistics involves the application of statistical methods to psychological research. It is used to analyze data and test hypotheses.

Set Theory

The set theory involves the study of sets and their properties. It includes concepts such as union, intersection, and complement. Set theory is used in computer science, topology, and analysis.

Statistical Methods

Statistical methods involve the application of statistical techniques to study and analyze data. It includes techniques such as hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and analysis of variance (ANOVA).


Statistics involves the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. It is essential in fields such as business, economics, and social sciences.

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Trigonometry involves the study of angles, triangles, and their properties. It is used in many fields such as architecture, engineering, and surveying.

Our math service page offers a holistic approach to mathematics, ensuring that our customers receive all the necessary support to excel in their area of interest.

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Main Tutlance mathematics services include:

When you work with our Mathematics team, you can expect unparalleled expertise, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence. We take pride in our work, and we are confident that we can help you achieve your learning goals.


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