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College Physics Homework Help Online: Physics Assignment Answers

Physics is an interesting and fascinating subject to study in college. There are many reasons why you should study physics, but the two primary ones are that it will provide a firm foundation for your education while also giving you skills that can be applied to other fields of science or engineering. Physics can help prepare you for more advanced degrees, such as medical school or law school, because it teaches students how to think critically and solve problems logically.

-For most people, physics is a subject that they find difficult in high school but when studied in college it can be interesting and fascinating. There are many reasons why one should consider studying physics in college, but the two primary ones are that it will provide a firm foundation for your education and give you skills which can be applied to other fields of science or engineering. Physics can also help prepare students for more advanced degrees such as medical school or law school because it teaches them how to think critically and solve problems logically.

-Physics is a subject that most people find difficult in high school but when studied in college it can be interesting and fascinating.

Major topics studied in college physics include: - quantum mechanics, relativity theory, solid state physics, particle physics.

The "Big Three" are Classical Mechanics (motion), Electromagnetic Theory (light and matter) and Quantum Physics (matter).

Modern day physicists also study the less well known fields of theoretical astrophysics which examines stars, galaxies and other objects on a wide variety of scales or condensed matter like superconductors that has not been observed yet but is predicted by established theories to exist.

These topics are explored from an introductory level up to the edge of a field where they meet other fields.

Importance of studying physics

The importance of studying physics can’t be overstated. Understanding the various physical phenomena, such as gravity or nuclear fission, is a critical component to understanding our world and making informed decisions in this day and age. Physical science is an integral part of STEM education (Science, Technology Engineering & Math). It also helps students develop problem-solving skills that are useful in technical fields like engineering. Moreover it builds spatial awareness which is important for professions like architecture or design where individuals must regularly visualize objects from all angles without actually touching them.

For most careers today, even those not technically labeled “science jobs” require some level of basic scientific knowledge - including humanities majors who may need Greek and Latin roots to understand certain texts.

In order to be successful in the world, one must understand how it works. Knowledge of physics is a critical component for understanding our world and making informed decisions about what we can do as well as being able to visualize objects from all angles without actually touching them. A basic knowledge of science will help many careers today - including humanities majors who may need Greek and Latin roots to understand certain texts. To not have such an understanding would limit us greatly in life and make achieving success much more difficult than it has to be with just an investment of time into studying this subject matter which could change your entire outlook on life if you stop putting off those "boring" classes every year!

- How does physical science tie back into STEM?

- How does studying physics help develop problem solving skills?

- When is it important to have a basic understanding of science for your career and life endeavors?

Important takeaway: A basic knowledge of the sciences will equip you with valuable problem solving skills that are essential in all careers today. Physical science, an integral part, can be learned by taking classes on this subject matter which can change the way you view yourself and what's possible if/when we stop being so afraid of those "boring" or difficult courses each year!

Stuck with physics homework problems

The first thing that you should do when your student is struggling with difficult physics homework problems or has a test coming up is to make sure they understand the concepts. If it's been awhile since they've had physics, tell them about what we learned yesterday in class and ask them questions about how things work. The best way for kids to learn anything new is by doing. This applies just as much if not more so when learning math or science. Give them practice problems related to their current grade level but within their skill set—nothing too challenging yet! Learning physics can be tough enough without discouraging them before they get started on harder materials like calculus

One of my favorite ways of introducing physics concepts and helping my students develop an intuitive understanding of subject matter is to use hands-on, interactive games that reinforce the principles.

One thing you can also do is help your students practice their math skills which are often needed for higher level college courses and competitive careers like engineering. This will not only help them with difficult homework problems but it'll give them better grades as well! Allowing kids to see how concepts from different subjects come together before going into too much detail about each subject allows children time to get a better grasp of the subject as well learn interactively - says one of our online physics tutor.

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An example how to solve physics problems using our physics homework solver

Solve Physics Problem #01 - A ball is thrown straight up at time t=0 seconds and rises to a height of h=20 meters.

Step one: Use the information given to find out how time changes in relation to height (h).  It is clear that, if we denote t as the time measured from when it was thrown upwards until reaching its maximum point at position x with coordinates y and z then:  t=-16 seconds – this means that there are 16 seconds until it reaches its highest point.  We know by geometry that for every second after 0; y increases by 20 meters and z stays constant at 0 meters above ground level. So, heights (y) will be -30m(height reached), -50m(-40s), etc which can also be written as y=-30+20*t.

Step two: We now need to find out the height of the ball when it reaches its highest point, so we can use calculus and trigonometry.  According to geometry, for every second after 0; y increases by 20 meters and z stays constant at 0 meters above ground level which means that if t is not an integer then (y-z) will be negative because it has descended from a higher position. This leads us to conclude that, in order for heights (y) to increase instead of decrease as time goes on they must have been positive before reaching their maximum point so our equation becomes y=0+(h(t−16)) where h(-32)=0 and h(0)=20.

Step three: Using the equation found in step two, we can conclude that when it reaches its highest point y=h*(-16)=-1200 meters and z is still at 0 which means that h is -1168m-the answer to our initial question!  In order for heights (y) to increase instead of decrease as time goes on they must have been positive before reaching their maximum point so our equation becomes y=(h(t−16)) where h(-32)=0 and h(0)=20.

Popular topics for high school physics assignments

If you are a high school student looking for help with physics problems, here are some of the popular topics our tutors have worked on in the past.

Newton's Laws of Motion

The Law of Inertia, the Conservation of Momentum and Energy.

Gravitational Attraction

Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation, centripetal force, gravity well.

Forces on objects due to other forces are called "consequences." For example, when a ball is suspended in air by an attached string (a consequence), gravitational attraction pulls down on it with a force that can be calculated from its weight multiplied by Earth's gravitational field strength (g). This pull establishes tension between the object and earth’s surface. At sea level this acceleration is approximately 32 feet per second squared or 22 mph/second and at 2000 meters this accelerates to 66 ft/sec squared or 44 mph/second.

Circular Motion and Gravity

Newton's Laws of Universal Gravitation, pendulum motion with gravity as the force acting on a bob suspended below its pivot point by a string, centripetal acceleration at Earth’s surface is 32 ft/sec² or 22 mph/second. As elevation increases to 2000 meters this accelerates to 66 ft/sec² or 44 mph per second. Acceleration due to gravity decreases proportionally from sea level values for every increase in altitude ∆h (above sea level). This decrease results from decreased gravitational attraction between Earth and the object above it resulting from greater distance between them.

This relationship means that if we know how much less than the earth's surface an object is, we can calculate how fast it will fall and also the distance that it will travel before coming to rest.

Uniform circular motion

The definition of a circle is any closed curved line on a plane with its center at one focus (usually indicated by "O") called the center of curvature or sometimes just the centre. A circumference is a measure around this curve starting from point O and ending at point O again - 360° = 12π radians ƒ²). Circular motion means continuous rotational oscillation about some axis which either has zero length or whose endpoints are not distinct points but rather curves in space."If there were no air resistance," then uniform circular motion would be independent of ƒ, the angular velocity of rotation. However if there is air resistance and we neglect it, then a ball thrown horizontally with an initial speed v will have horizontal momentum p=mv which continues to be constant as long as its height above ground h remains constant.

Angular Momentum

A particle's moment about some axis has both magnitude (L) and direction that point in a radial line from the origin O at any instant t within the period T for one complete revolution P (circular motion). And this vector quantity L also changes over time according to Newton’s Second Law of Motion - F = ma where m is mass, so that L can increase or decrease with respect to radius r depending on whether torque exceeds the force of gravity.

For a point particle rotating about an axis in space, angular momentum is defined as: L = rmv where v is speed and r distance from the origin O to the position being considered at any instant t. In this case F would be centripetal acceleration due to Earth’s gravitational field strength (g) acting on mass m which generates torque T=mgL that can either increase or decrease system moment with respect to radius depending on whether it exceeds g times inertia I.


The unit for torque, also called rotational force, is newtons (N). To find out how much a particular object will turn when applied a certain amount of torque we need its specific resistance or the torque it will exert when we apply a certain amount of force to it. This is called stiffness and can be calculated by dividing the object's weight (F) in newtons by its distance from point O on Earth’s surface (r).

Satellite Orbits

A satellite orbit can only be elliptical if either gravity or centrifugal acceleration are present, but not both at any given time. If there is no central gravitational field, then an orbit must always have zero eccentricity as otherwise this would violate Kepler's Laws which state that orbits cannot intersect each other in space nor cross over one another - these laws also govern circular motion for objects without constant centripetal forces applied to them. For satellites orbiting around planets, the orbits are always elliptical with an eccentricity greater than zero.


Newton's Third Law of Motion states "to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." This law means that for every force acting on a system, there is some other part of the same system exerting the exact opposing force. The vector sum F from all sources equals 0 ƒ²). If we have two forces pushing in opposite directions away from point O (for example) then their vector sum will be directed to point A as shown below - this illustrates how forces can cancel each other out when they oppose one another in space or time ƒ²):

F=ma where m is mass, so that L can increase or decrease with respect to radius r depending on whether torque exceeds the force of gravity.

Those are some popular physics topics for high school physics homework assistance.

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High School Physics Homework Help

In elementary school, you studied concepts such as matter but did not realize it was Physics. Now you are in high school and you have to take the bull by the horns. You have been introduced to Physics as a subject. The terminologies tend to get more complicated and the concepts wider than they were before. You are now looking at magnetism, thermodynamics and motion, among others, more closely. The studies are shifting from more theory to Math, hence consuming a lot of your time. It is time to adapt to the changes but it is not easy. You can use help of Physics professionals to work your way through the homework.

Online Physics homework help

Like any other science, Physics assignments require a technical approach to solve them perfectly. Therefore, you might find it hard coming up with flawless Physics homework. This is a challenge that we have helped many students to overcome. You have to conduct thorough research on the topic and use credible sources. This way, you will base every answer you give on indisputable facts. However, this is a skill that requires time to master, and you can learn it from the best writers at

Conceptual Physics homework help

Conceptual Physics lays a proper foundation for science, engineering and technology students. It introduces the learner to various concepts and theories about how energy, matter and ideas work. Here, you will not encounter the daunting mathematical problems that are expected in Physics. However, the concepts can be vast and confusing, forcing you to look for homework help. You have to be keen with the ideas you present here since they have been researched and proven. Therefore, you also need to research far and wide to complete your homework excellently. Our renowned writers can help you complete your conceptual Physics homework within the shortest time possible.

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AP Physics summer assignment help

Summer can be filled with a lot of activities; vacations, friends, summer camps and much more. Therefore, students might end up forgetting concepts that may apply in the next semester. Summer assignments are a bridge between the previous and the next study period. Students need to apply the knowledge learnt and search for new ideas to answer questions. If you have AP Physics summer assignment, let the experts do the work while you enjoy the sunshine.

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Whether you seek to understand magnitude, circular motion or acceleration, you have to be factual. Kinetic theory, oscillation and thermodynamics also need critically analyzing ideas to use only the most relevant. Generally, your Physics tasks may be a thorn in the foot if you attempt them alone. Group discussions are a good way of learning. However, you can also get assignment help online from the most qualified and experienced writers. is that place you will have your assignments done and never regret.

AP Physics 1 summer assignment help

AP Physics 1 is meant for your college Physics and you may be tasked with various questions. Your summer assignment could include scientific notations, some geometry, trigonometry, algebra, functions and so on. These questions may be complex or too many that they bore you in the process. If the workload feels too much, then it possibly is. Let us tackle your AP Physics 1 assignments as you bond with your family. We follow instructions to the letter and submit your assignment as instructed. If you have an online portal on which you need us to upload, let us know.

Engineering Physics assignment help

The different branches of engineering apply distinct topics of Physics to provide solutions. Mechanical, electrical, computer, nuclear or any other engineering has its basics on Physics. You could apply concepts such as optics, mechanics, kinematics, nuclear Physics or quantum Physics in your course. We have qualified engineering writers with years of experience in helping students solve various problems assigned. You are certain that your assignment will be of high quality and as technical as it needs to be.


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