Family Relationship and Functions Analysis Essay

Free Essay on Family Relationship and Functions Analysis Essay


In this project, we shall in details and in depth study and give analysis of the relationship and functions of the family of our choice. We shall evaluate and incorporate the lessons learned in class in the past few weeks to learn the family’s interaction among themselves and those who surround them, social culture background of the family, communication in the family, how the family is set physically, the norms and beliefs, how the duties are divided in the family, and power hierarchy in the household, adaptation, the extent at which the family has developed as well as the decisions they make when it comes to matter concerning heath in the family. A nurse who has permit to work from the registered body and who is practicing can borrow some of this issues discussed as a guide when faced with the same challenges while she is dealing with the patients at their places of work.

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Family description

The nuclear family that I took into consideration for this paper is a family consisting of the mother and her two children who are al boys. Mercy, who is 60years old is the one bestowed the full responsibilities of the family as the head. She lives with her two children who are all boys, James who is 29 years old and their last born Stephen who is 19 years old. Mr. Danson, who was a caring father and a responsible husband passed away in the year 2001 after a long battle with skin family is a true Indian family, and they were all born and raised up in Mumbai, and they later migrated to Los Angeles in the year 2006.James and Stephen who are the sons of Mercy graduated with different bachelor’s degree at Walden state university James having a degree in Education while Stephen graduated recently with a degree in Business management; Mercy holds Ph.D. in nursing. The family comes from a Christian background, and they attend church services almost every Sunday. The family lives in a three bedroomed house in California.

Social culture of the family

Mercy is not working, but James works full time during the day, Stephen who is at home takes all the responsibilities of household chores, but he is searching for a job at the large enterprises in California. In the social, economic scale, the family can be termed as a working middle-class family. The family is very traditional and they have maintained their culture from their mother land India.(Friedman, Bowden, & Jones, 2003). The family still practice most of their beliefs of their families in India even if they are currently living outside their country. The family has set strict family rules followed in the house. The majority of the authority is bestowed by Mercy and partly to James.

Physical setting of the family

The family owns a three-bedroom house located in community in a quiet neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles. They inherited this home back in the year 2009 after a relative from Mr. Danson gave them the house and moved to another city and they have being living there since then. The family has a rigid schedule which they follow to keep the house clean. As a result, the house is always kept clean and organized. Being a town house, the family house is well advanced with no many stairs with a very secured three garage. Due to security purposes home is installed with security system (Handson, 2013). The security system was installed after the family was robbed several times in the last few months. It’s a rapid change for them because they were living in a very busy district in Mumbai before they migrated to California.


Exchanges in the family are done with a lot of respect. The sons always communicate with their mother in Indian courtesy and respectful words in the Indian language. With the advanced technology in the country, the family makes use of their mobile phones to communicate most of the times. The family also talks through social medias. Whenever the rise a problem in the family or outside the family circle, the family sits down and talk the way forward to solve the problem. They also share ideas on how they can develop themselves and always correct each other with respect (Kaakinen, 2010). The family also uses internet, skype, emails and distance phone calls to communicate to their family in Mumbai, China almost every day.

Relationship (Formal and Informal)

The family of the late Danson has a very close connection with their relatives. The close family among the house hold are more on their father’s side compared to the mother’s side. The extended family from Mr. Danson makes frequent visits communicate to the family whenever they have family issues; they are almost involved in everything the family goes through. They have a face to face communication and understanding. From a distance, one can note that the family’s relationship is very close according to the wat the sons relates to their mother despite her very strict to the sons in all their endeavors in life. The family has an open relationship where they share each other’s challenges in life openly. James is dating a lady from their mother country, and the family is very supportive of their relationship (Friedman, Bowden, & Jones, 2003).

Values: Norms and Rules of the family

Though the sons of Mrs. Danson are beyond the age of 18 years, their mother, Mercy has set rules and regulation in the house, she has given her kids time to move out, but she is very strict by the time they come back to the house. Whenever the sons disobey her, she has sets a very harsh disciplinary action to them. They always practice the India culture where the mother is the head of the family because they father has passed on (Boston, 2012). She has the final say that goes on in the family according to the Indian culture because she is the head of the can be interpreted that Mercy wants the best for her sons as they head forward to attain their independence and start their family. She always wants to be involved in her child’s decision-making. She is a mother who can be defined to be overprotective over her sons.

Family’s religious activities.

All the family members were born and raised in a developing country, where there are many spiritual beliefs, Hinduism being the first religious belief were brought up in a Christian believing family (Handson, 2013). Thus Christianity is the main religion that guards almost every part of their daily lives. Mercy, the head and the mother of the family, together with her sons attends to bible study fellowship every Saturday at their church and later volunteers and help in preparation for the Sunday service. This has been their family norm since they were in India despite the challenges they were facing there. They have extended their belief even after migrating to California.


Mercy with the help of her mother and a house help raised up her sons in the best way to ensure that they were well-taken care off in the best way possible. Mercy and her late husband gave their sons the best discipline to make sure that they had a good relation with each other and the people they met on the streets. All the close family members living close to them are from the father’s side who have migrated in the US on the year 1989, Mercy’s close relatives are not all in India, some have migrated to other countries where they reside with their families (Boston, 2012).Mercy’s family members being outside India, the family always goes on leisure activities to visit their relatives who are living outside India and are not in the US. The family also have their leisure time in the US during the weekends where they go to have their meals in a restaurant that is not very expensive.


The family has a face to face communication, which they use to solve their problems and as an adaptation tool. They always have a family discussion after their supper together where they solve their family issues. Conflicts in the family always arise at times because the sons have been more exposed to the life style in the United States than their mother (Ross, Cobb, & Blake, 2013). The mother has not been fully influenced as she has been brought up in the India beliefs. Religion in the family plays a great role in supporting and helping the family cope up with the family especially in the most difficult times in the family for instance when Danson passed on.

Health Care in the family

The family has had a wide experience in the Medical field before they had migrated to the US keeping in mind that Mercy was a board certified and a practicing dentist having a license in India. After Danson was diagnosed with skin cancer in 1998, they migrated to the US ensure that he received the best health care and medical attention with the hopes they will get the lid of skin disease, and their father moves on with life as usual (Kaakinen, 2010). The family had a strong belief with health faciltes in the western countries; Danson went through all the treatment that was available by then relating to cancer disease ranging from chemotherapy to radiation to try to get rid of cancer. When the family noted and accepted that Danson’s sickness had speared, they opted to let him be trearetd from home where they would give him the best medical care possible, and they had a good time with him during the last days of his life.

The family ecomap

Family Genogram

Beaver’s system model for family conflict


It’s exceedingly notable after doing the family analysis in depth that, a nurse can take away the critical points such as including the patients and their family’s unit’s values, background, beliefs

and traditional culture I the patient’s care plan to individualize their needs and achieve the patient’s desired outcomes.


Free Essay on Family Relationship and Functions Analysis Essay

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