How to Get Straight A’s In High School Classes

Getting straight A’s in high school has always been something students have aspired for. While getting straight A’s is hard work, it is possible to get good grades with little effort. Many students are under the impression that high school will be easier compared to middle school because the curriculum often says “easy” or “hard.”

This is not true though; high school has more difficult courses and will require more time on an individual basis. If you want to get straight A’s in high school, there are some things you need to know before hand.

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How to Get Straight A’s in High School: The Ultimate Guide

Getting good grades as a high schooler is probably one of the most important parts of attending college or university, but often times it seems nearly impossible. The truth is, if you know exactly what to do there has never been an easier way to consistently improve your grades and maintain a high GPA than this easy step by step guide! Let’s take a look at how we can easily accomplish straight As in just about any class we want, no matter how difficult they may be.

  1. The first step towards getting good grades- make a schedule! Making a schedule may sound like a daunting task, but if you go through every assignment with your teacher ahead of time than making one will take five minutes. This will help divide your time into manageable chunks- for example, if you want to spend an hour and a half every day studying and doing homework.
  2. Get in the habit of reading assignments ahead of time. Studying is key when it comes to getting good grades in high school. You should not be waiting until the night before or two hours before to study. Always go over the assignment (and any other material your teacher gives you such as power points, notes etc.) right when they give it to you. If possible, try using flashcards or highlighting important parts for later review. It’s best not watching that new show on TV or playing that video game; instead read and study so you don’t have to do it later.
  3. Ask for help when needed. If you’re having trouble understanding something, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help! If you have a friend that is doing well in the class, ask them if they can explain things to you after school or over lunch. A tutor can also be very helpful if your school offers them- just make sure it’s someone who knows what they are talking about so you don’t get even more lost! Also realize that asking for help does not mean admitting defeat- it means being smart enough to know when you need some extra time with the material.
  4. You cannot do this on your own. It’s great to have goals and aspirations of getting straight A’s but remember one very important thing- you are not alone. Tutors, after school help programs, study groups are all great ways to get the extra boost of understanding that may be holding you back. You can also ask your teacher for any extra work or explanations if you don’t quite get the assignment!
  5. When it comes to homework assignments- there is no such thing as too much. Easier classes may only have a weekly assignment, but harder courses will often require daily homework or even more. If your history class has two chapters every night and an essay due every Monday make sure you never miss a chapter! Often times teachers give extensions on homework if they notice students putting in effort this gives you time to read up on what you missed. Never miss a homework assignment if you want to get straight A’s in high school.
  6. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses: Each student has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to certain subjects. For example, some students are good at math while others excel in science. Try creating your own personal learning plan so you can spend more time on what you need, or ask your teachers if they offer advanced classes for the subject.
  7. Relax and avoid stress: High school requires a lot of hard work and studying; however, everyone works differently. Some students find that pulling two all-nighters before a test is their best chance at passing, but for most it’s simply too stressful and not worth the effort. The best thing to do is get enough rest (which usually means 7-8 hours), eat healthy (or as healthy as you can get in the vending machine), and take your time. With these simple tips you will soon find that you can easily manage all of your work and still have time for other activities!
  8. Utilize tutoring services: Online tutoring help services can help you understand difficult course material by breaking it down into specific learning modules. Some courses are available online, while others have to be done in person with a qualified tutor. Tutlance is an online tutoring service providing live classes and homework help answers to students who need to understand any academic concept. This is one of your surest way of how to be a straight A student in high school. To ask for help, click here and connect with live tutors online.
  9. Utilize study groups: If you are having trouble understanding something, joining a study group can help you get your questions answered. If one isn’t offered at your school ask if there is any extra credit associated with forming one or even starting an extracurricular tutoring program! It’s never too late to get the help you need and form good habits that will lead to success later on in life!
  10. Set Goals and measure the outcomes: Set short-term goals for each class , along with long-terms ones for the year. For example, if you are struggling in math class you might set a goal to understand all of your homework assignments by the end of this week, as well as getting an A on next week’s test.
  11. Assemble Your Study Team: Friends are great, but it can be hard to focus if everyone has different methods for studying. Try finding other students in the same grade or even upperclassmen that excel in certain subjects and ask them if they could meet up with you before or after school. This way you know whether things will go smoothly, but if problems arise you can always ask questions!
  12. Take Advantage of After School Programs: These are an excellent resource for finding extra help or getting ahead on assignments. Many times teachers will offer free tutoring, study groups, or even presentations that cover the upcoming homework assignment! Even if your grade isn’t suffering it never hurts to get ahead and learn more in case something should happen later. If you’re struggling, however, definitely take advantage of these programs as soon as possible.
  13. Eat Breakfast Everyday: Your brain needs energy to function properly so make sure you have a healthy breakfast every morning to start off your day successfully! It may seem impossible when there are so many other things going on in school but there are quite a few tasty breakfast bars you can bring.
  14. Read Ahead of Your Teacher. Even if what you are reading isn’t for that class, it is still beneficial to read ahead of the course material. For example, if you are reading Lord of the Flies in English class but also bought the Sparknotes summary for it , try reading through that first before class instead. You’ll be surprised at how much easier certain school subjects become once you understand the general idea behind them! Once again these are simply suggestions and every student works differently so don’t be afraid to experiment with things until you find your own best method! Although high school seems impossible right now, remember that everyone has problems they have to deal with at one point or another; therefore, getting through it is all about determination. With good grades you can go to the college of your choice, get a great job, support yourself, or even travel the world! Just remember that in order to succeed in life you have to be willing to work hard and smart.
  15. Keep Up With Assignments: If your teacher assigns daily homework make sure you check it off immediately! Having a planner is very important, especially when there are multiple due dates for one assignment. Don’t forget to revisit old work and talk to your teacher if you can’t seem to grasp a concept!
  16. Expand Your Horizons: If there is a subject you enjoy doing outside of school, consider joining a club or an after-school program. This could be through your local recreation center, community college, or working with professionals in the field. Anything that will interest you and give you more experience! Not only does it look good on a resume but often times these programs require a lot of homework or studying which will help with future assignments.

These 16 steps are key to getting good grades, so don’t forget them! Your future is not set in stone and these tips will help you have the best possible experience academically by helping you become a straight A student.

What are your views on how to get A’s in all classes in high school or college? Share your views below.