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What is aerospace engineering?

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Aerospace engineering is defined as the designing, manufacturing, testing, and maintenance of weapon systems, missiles, aircraft, and spacecraft. This field also focuses on fuel efficiency, flight safety, environmental impact, and how to reduce operating costs. Aerospace engineering is subdivided into two fields: astronautical and aeronautical engineering.

  • Astronautical engineering concentrates on spacecraft technologies and how they perform within and outside the earth’s atmosphere. These spacecraft include small satellites such as CubeSats and large satellites used for space exploration. 
  • Aeronautical engineering focuses on aircraft. This includes designing aircraft and propulsion systems. It also incorporates studying the aerodynamic performance of construction materials and fluid flow. The aircraft is designed to fly within the Earth’s atmosphere.

What are the main subjects required to do an aerospace engineering degree? 

Aerospace engineering heavily depends on physics, mathematics, and technology in the designing, manufacturing, testing, and operation of spacecraft, aircraft, systems, and aerospace equipment. Although chemistry can be accepted in place of physics in some institutions, applicants are supposed to have a mastery of physics and mathematics.

A bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering is required for one to become an aerospace engineer. If you are fascinated by the science behind flying, aerospace engineering could be the career to pursue. 

What does an aerospace engineer do?

Aerospace engineering involves the designing, manufacturing, and testing of aircraft, spacecraft, aerospace products, satellites, missiles, subassemblies, and propulsion systems. They also assess and investigate the malfunction of parts of aircraft and spacecraft and serious air crashes. Aerospace engineers develop and integrate cut-edge technologies into spacecraft and aircraft systems used for exploration, communication, transportation, and defense. Experienced aerospace engineers possess additional skills like vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, and have a deeper understanding of how computer-aided design (CAD) software is used in the aviation industry. They are required to fully understand propulsion and combustion; robotics; aerodynamic fluid flow; instrumentation and communication; navigation, guidance, and control; celestial mechanics, and flight mechanics. 

Aerospace engineers can concentrate on various types of aircraft such as helicopters, military and commercial planes; spacecraft such as satellites and launch vehicles; rockets, and missiles.

Where do aerospace engineers work? 

The innovations and advancements in technology have contributed to the rapid growth of the aerospace engineering industry. Aerospace engineers work for companies that primarily concentrate on the design, manufacturing, testing, maintenance, research, and development, and federal government agencies. The largest employers of aerospace engineers include:

  • Government agencies especially in the defense departments such as the Air Force
  • Manufacturers of aerospace equipment and parts such as Airbus, Boeing
  • Manufacturers of navigational and control instruments especially the ones used for space exploration by agencies such as NASA
  • Aerospace engineering research centers
  • Satellite platforms
  • Regulators and training institutions

Modern aircraft design extensively uses sophisticated software for designing, modeling, evaluation, and running simulations for testing, and training other engineers. Teamwork, creativity, and good communication, and division of work into manageable tasks is required to successfully work towards a common goal. 

What is the job market for aerospace engineers?

Aerospace engineering is one of the most marketable careers and the demand for engineers is still high. Spacecraft will be continually required for exploration and aircraft will be needed to transport cargo, passengers, and for national defense purposes. Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) avionics and radars are extensively used which means a higher demand for aerospace engineers. In the next 10 years, the demand is expected to grow by more than 7%.

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