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Geography help for students - high school and college students

Stuck with geography homework? Do you need someone to give you answers to your geography assignment questions? We are here to help you. Our experts are available 24/7, ready to guide you through your problems - whatever they are!

Geography is the study of Earth's land, features and inhabitants. It helps scientists understand what our planet is like both naturally and man-made.

There are three types of common questions in geography: map work; observation; analysis. Geography questions usually require students to use their skills of observation and interpretation when answering questions because no two questions will be the same. 

When it comes to the question types, there isn't really anything that differentiates them from other subjects, because all school subjects can have different types but still accomplish the same goal. The reason why I say this is because there are types of questions, such as multiple choice or essay, but they all still have the same objective.

Types of geography homework help we can help with

Here are some of the most common geography sub-disciplines that you can ask for help with.

  • Physical geography: Physical geography, which studies the landforms, climate, soils and vegetation. Physical geographers are concerned with the delineation of regional-scale regions in their study of physical features in relation to environmental processes. For example, they investigate how rivers originate in mountain areas by means of meltwater erosion (see watershed), and seek to understand how landscapes were formed. Their work focuses on spatial patterns across scales ranging from meters to thousands of kilometers.
  • Human geography: Human geography is oriented towards understanding how people live around the world. Human geographical research aims for a holistic approach; it can be found in many academic journals covering topics such as population distribution (e.g., age, gender), educational institutions or health care systems. Other topics like economics or prediction of climate change effects on agriculture ("e.g." global warming, ozone depletion) are also studied by human geographers. Ask for human geography assignment help now.
  • Social geography: Social geography is concerned with the relationships between social phenomena across space and time. The focus ranges from the size of populations (as in statistical demography) to the formation of identity, perception of crime levels or public opinion about public transport systems.
  • Applied geography: Applied geography applies geographical concepts to solve practical problems in relation to areas such as management, natural resource planning, environmental planning and emergency management.
  • Political geography: Political geography deals with issues like borders, international relations and military activity; other research topics include terrorism prevention policy and defense policy analysis. Another field that falls within political geography is development studies (or regional science), which investigates geographic patterns and processes of societal change.
  • Economic geography: Economic geography is concerned with the geographic dimensions of economic phenomena and the way that human activities and interactions shape, or are shaped by, these phenomena. This draws on approaches in a range of fields such as: spatial analysis; economics; cultural studies; history; marketing; regional science and policy. Because it has a wide scope, similarities to other disciplines emerge such as those within regional science (e.g., location theory). However, there are some distinctions between each branch such as the difference between economic geography and development studies which involves observing economic patterns with focus on political aspects. The geographical approach typically uses descriptive verbal models for understanding economic phenomena whereas regional science employs an analytical framework based upon mathematical modelling. Economic geographers may also be interested in the connections between economics, social factors and cultural issues.
  • Geomechanics: Geomechanics is the application of mechanics to problems dealing with earth, particularly geotechnical engineering. This typically involves study at the micro- (rock mechanics) and macro- (soil) scales using methods like particle kinematics or continuum mechanics. Geology is the study of the composition, structure and history of Earth's lithosphere; it focuses on how it evolved to its current state through physical processes like plate tectonics. A widely applied speciality within this realm is geomorphology which studies landforms and the processes that created them.
  • Geographic information science (GIScience): GIScience employs ideas from computer science to spatial phenomena. It seeks a deeper understanding of spatial information and its analysis. Spatial analysis is a field devoted to the scientific principles underlying the use of quantitative techniques applied to problems in geography and related fields.
  • Geoinformatics: Geoinformatics employs geospatial technologies for storing, retrieving, analyzing, sharing, managing and using information about geographic data via computer science approaches. This has led to new challenges in management and processing of large amount of raw data from remote sensing images or other sources like social media network. Geoinformatics also focuses on developing suitable representations for geographic objects (e.g., topological vector data model) and georeferencing methods (e.g., sensor web). Geomatics engineering concerns positioning and navigation by gathering observations with various sensors such as: GPS, laser rangefinders, cameras and others. In
  • Geographical information systems (GIS): Geographical information systems or GIS is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze and display all forms of geographic data. While initially developed to map geographic features such as coastlines and roads for cartography and military applications (see history), its uses have greatly expanded to other areas such as: business management; environmental application; crime prevention and disaster relief. The industry that supports this software is known as geospatial technology which also produces global positioning systems. Ask for arcgis homework help or gis assignment help from our experts.
  • Remote sensing: Remote sensing is the process of gathering information about an object from a distance by analyzing electromagnetic waves that bounce off the object back into the sensors on Earth. These devices form images using physical properties like radiation level emitted by the object. This is similar to how human eyes work, but instead of radio waves it employs spectral bands like infrared or visible light.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System): GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigational system using satellites orbiting Earth which emits signals that are captured by receivers on the ground. These devices triangulate their location based upon data collected from at least three different sources with known positions. The most common use of this technology is for navigation in vehicles and handheld units, although it has other applications such as surveying and geocaching.

These are some of the geography topics that we can help with. Post your questions to get responses from our geography homework doers online.

GCSE Geography Help

At KS3 students learn about the three main themes in Geography; human and physical environments - this covers things like population, towns and cities, transport systems etc., places - this would include countries, continents, capitals etc., environments - this includes looking at weather/climate change, habitats (e.g. forests) etc.; preparing students for more detailed study in these themes at KS4. 

Some exam boards allow some flexibility with their content so it is important that you check your specific board's syllabus to see exactly what they require you to know and learn.

Each question type below has its own characteristic:

  • Map work - the best way to revise for this is making your own maps; try drawing a political map of Africa or a climate map of Europe; make sure there are plenty of labels and symbols on each one (the more detail the better); you can either use pencil first and then colour them in using crayons, coloured pens/pencils or you can print them out from various websites such as Google Images. You could also do the same with diagrams; practise by making diagrams yourself; it doesn't matter if they aren't that accurate but it does help if they have lots of labels.
  • Observation - in this type of question, you will be given a photo or a diagram and you have to answer the question from that; make sure when doing these questions that you look at all aspects of the picture or diagram, not just one thing. You need to make use of your observational skills; make sure they are focused on what you really need.
  • Analysis - with analysis questions it is important for students to read the task carefully, as some may ask you to do things like writing an essay or giving opinions (which can be subjective), however other tasks may want you to list points; if this is the case then learn how to write out lists correctly because marking schemes might state whether they should start with a capital letter or full-stop and some may even just give you bullet points.

Advanced/Higher geography assignment help

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