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Tutlance LTD - Refund Policy

We treasure your 100% satisfaction at Tutlance LTD - top academic & business writing marketplace. We have created a platform like no other where all your orders are covered by our Money Back Guarantee. will act as a direct link to professional experts.

Below is a clear outline of our refund policy. 

  • Before you create a refund request, it is recommended that you chat with the tutor or reach out to our support team to get the issue resolved. In most cases, refund requests result from communication breakdown or simple misunderstanding.
  • This refund policy covers payments made for order completion and doesn't cover any amount paid to upgrade your order.
  • All orders posted by you are covered by our 100% moneyback guarantee.
  • You can only ask for a refund for unapproved orders only. Once you approve the order or 7 days have lapsed since the work was completed, the funds are made available to the tutor for withdrawal.
  • All unapproved orders will be autoapproved by our system.
  • Any disputes will be handed in the EU.
  • Refrain from creating chargeback requests. Instead, follow the process below:

Refund Policy For Online Classes, Quizzes, Exams

Here are the terms that dictate how much you will be refunded for online classes, quizzes, exams, or tests. Please note that you must provide proof of the grade.

  1. Score of 80% and above: 0% Refund (NO Refund Issued)
  2. Score of 70 to 79% : 10% Refund
  3. Score of 60 to 69% : 50% Refund
  4. Score of 59% and below: 50% Refund

Please note that marketplace and order upgrade fees are non-refundable.

Tutlance LTD Refund Process

Here is an overview of the refund process. 

Please Note:
Requesting charge-backs via our payment processor is not recommended. We have no control of how long it can take to receive your funds and it could cost you more in the long-run. Our tutors are human too.... a simple chat is all it takes to resolve any issue.

To claim a refund with only deposit paid:

  1. Go to the question’s page and create a dispute,
  2. The expert is notified and allowed to chat with you,
  3. Dispute is resolved and funds returned to your wallet,
  4. You can use the funds to hire another expert or withdraw the funds,
  5. To withdraw the funds, go to the TRANSACTIONS Page, click on WITHDRAW and submit a request,
  6. The request will be processed and the transfer will be effected in 7 business days.

Please note that any withdrawn funds can take up to 7 business days to reach your bank account.

What happens after a successful dispute?

Once an order has been disputed and amount credited back to your account, the expert has the freedom to use any completed work as they deem appropriate including but not limited to posting the work as tutorial for sale on Tutlance and other auction sites.

How do I receive my money back after a successful dispute?

Tutlance WILL NOT directly refund the money to your credit card or bank. Instead, the funds are returned to Tutlance escrow from where you can withdraw the funds or use the funds to hire other experts on the website.

  • To withdraw the funds, go to the TRANSACTIONS Page (when logged in to your client account), click the WITHDRAW button on the top right hand side (next to the balances) and submit a request. The funds will be credited to your bank in 7 business days.


Contact & Service Information

For quick and faster responses, use the live chat option. 

For order related queries, contact the tutor direcly.

For logged in users, reach us using the support link on your dashboard.

Should you have any questions that can't be addressed by chat or our support link, reach us via:

Tutlance LTD,
69 Canal Street, Newry, Co. Down,
Northern Ireland, BT35 6JF

Support Hours: 8 AM to 5PM - EST. Estern Standard Time

Tutors Availability: 24/7

Support email:
Call us on: +13173497245

All disputes will be handled in the EU

We look forward to serving you!

We accept:-
Tutlance Visa Mastercard
US (international): +13173497245
UK: +447537416555
CA/AU: +16479526157
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