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What is geomatics engineering?

Geomatics engineering is a field that deals with the surveying of a part of or the entire land using techniques such as satellite image processing and satellite positioning, evaluating the data, and then expressing it in plans and maps in computer environments. It also involves the collection of positioning data and calculation, analysis, and visualization of geographical studies. To solve problems related to spatial locations, geomatics engineers combine measurement, design, and computer skills with computer modeling, lab work, and field experiments.

The main role of geomatics engineering is to combine modern technology with various spatial techniques plan, organize, and manage the earth, and to produce accurate spatial data and maps to help countries manage various needs such as defense, planning, and property allocation.

Where do geomatics engineers work?

Graduates have a wide range of job opportunities to choose from, both private and public institutions. For instance, they can work in:

  • Railway, road, tunnel, dam, bridge, and subway construction firms and projects
  • Multimedia and visualization research centers related to maps and spatial data
  • Government agencies and private institutions that deal with data collection and processing using satellite images and aerial photographs, drawing plans especially when working on terrestrial photographs
  • Engineering and construction firms that deal with the monitoring of deformation measurements and earth movements
  • Defense and transport agencies that deal with vehicle tracking systems and location determination
  • Information Technology and printing firms that deal with the production and printing of small, medium, and large thematic and topographical maps

What do geomatics engineers do?

Geomatics engineering is an essential field in spatial considerations that incorporates land development, government services, utilities, and communication. Geomatics engineers perform a wide range of tasks such as:

  • Collecting and processing data, aerial photographs, and satellite images
  • Creating and printing grids and maps
  • Designing storage systems and interpreting the collected data
  • Land surveying and recording boundaries 
  • Developing and managing systems for spatial data. 
  • Designing and managing databases containing satellite and aerial images, ground positioning systems (GPS), geographical information systems (GIS), and intelligence data
  • Creating physical and computer models of maps, scale drawings, and land terrains. 
  • Calibrating, operating, and managing surveying equipment

Educational requirements

Geomatics engineering is a course that requires a strong background in mathematics, physics, arts, and geography. 

Geomatics engineering is a career that requires comprehensive knowledge in scientific and mathematical principles for determination, delineation, positioning, and planning of contours, boundaries, and land tracts. It applies principles of construction surveying, route surveying, geographical information systems, mapping, global positioning systems, and photogrammetry to create charts, maps, and reports. Geomatics engineers should have adequate knowledge in traversing, computer graphics, applied geodesy, photointerpretation, basic cartography, and mensuration. 

Careers in geomatics engineering

Graduates can work in private and government institutions as CAD operators, surveying technicians, instrument assistants, GPS technicians, highway surveyors, and mappers. 

Is the demand for geomatics engineers high in the job market?

In the job market, the demand curve for geomatics engineers is showing an upward projection. However, to be absorbed faster in the job market, the engineers should be able to combine their knowledge in engineering with advanced technologies related to sensors, mapping, intelligence, positioning, and navigation.

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