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bioinformatic biophyton assignment
I'm having a hard time doing my homework. My professor told me to do it again because I made a lot of mistakes the first time I did it. can you please help me, we can talk money if i need to pay more i will try to do it i really need help thanks!!...
Transcriptome Analysis of dataset from recount database. (EDA & DA techniques)
Hey, really need some help. This assignmemnt is only 2 pages long. I have a video I can share with you on what code specifically to use. Please message me if interested. Samples of adipose tissue were collected from 22 women before and after bariatric surgery for a transcriptome analysis (PMID: 25938420). These data are available from the recount database under the accession number: SRP053101. Download the gene count model and the metadata of this dataset for examination.Using the methods and principles from class examine this dataset. First, extract and filter the dataset in a reasonable way. Report on how many genes are identified, how many of these contain at least one count in any sample. Describe any challenges you faced trying to reproduce the initial filtering steps from the paper. Second, conduct an exploratory data analysis and determine if the data are likely to contain outlier samples, and if the majority of the variance in the data is likely to be experimental. Show your work and explain any conclusions based on the EDA Third, using modern DA abundance approaches (DESeq2, edgeR or ALDEx2) determine if the DA abundance results given in the paper are robust and re...
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