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Can You Do This With All The Elements Of Negligence?

I need a summons and complaint based on negligence assignment . It needs to be 4 pages and well composed please. I need to know asap if not so I can find someone else for this assignment

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Summarizing And Critiquing Legal Cases (Red Lion V. Fcc (1969) Or Miami Herald V. Tornillo (1974)

My class is COMM 405: Law/ Freedom of Communication I need to write a paper on 1 of 2 legal cases. The instructions are to summarize it and then offer a 2-3 paragraph critique. The complete instructions are below: Reaction Papers In approximately 2-3 pages, summarize and analyze one of the cases b

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Civil Law

Civil law is a legal system that originated in mainland Europe and is now used in many parts of the world. It regulates the non-criminal rights, duties, and obligations of persons (natural persons and legal persons) and provides remedies for violations of those rights. Civil law is distinct from criminal law, which deals with behavior that constitutes an injury to society as a whole.

Civil law addresses disputes between two or more parties, such as contract disputes, property disputes, negligence claims, and other matters. In civil cases, the burden of proof rests on the plaintiff to prove their case by a preponderance of evidence. The court then applies legal principles to arrive at a fair and just decision.

The judicial system plays an important role in civil law cases. Judges interpret laws according to established precedents set by higher courts and apply them to individual cases. This helps ensure that all parties receive equal treatment under the law regardless of their social status or economic standing.

It is important to note that civil law does not address criminal matters; instead, it focuses on fairly resolving disputes between private parties. This distinction can help clear up any confusion about what civil law entails and how it differs from criminal law.

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