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Work is a curse on humankind, a necessary evil we cannot live without.
The Argument Essay must— · Include a Works Cited page in addition to at least 1400-1800 words of text (before the Works Cited page) · Include at least six in-text citations including summary, paraphrase, and direct quotation · Cite at least three sources (one of them must be the film, Woman in the Dunes). · You are encouraged to include personal experience in addition to the sources to support your argument; therefore, first-person pronouns are permitted....
Reflection Journal Assignment
After listening to the podcast, consider how your own efforts at becoming an advanced critical thinker has impacted you and the lives around you. Use the podcast examples as a model for your explanation. What have you seen as a result of your efforts? What do you hope for as you continue practicing the art of critical thinking? What would you tell someone if they asked you what effect studying critical thinking has had on you? Is your own thinking tight or loose? In what ways? Single space within the link within the course, 12 point font, and though there is no length requirement, your explanation and answer should be at least 4 paragraphs long (3 - 4 sentences each paragraph). To earn the optimal benefit from this assignment, and the optimal grade, you should use references to the podcast....
Creating a reference page
There are 5 books/websites/articles to be cited and arranged into a reference page. Newspaper Article: (See Reference List: Electronic Sources) Robert B.J. Smith wrote an article titled “Humanity’s Fear and Dread of the Unknown” on January 12, 2020 in the Sun Sentinel. The URL is Basic Format for Books: (See Reference List: Books) Jerome J. Purcell wrote a book titled Presidency and Power: A Struggle for Democracy published by Franklin Press in 2019. Report by a Government Agency or Other Organization: (See Reference List: Other Print Sources) The name of the government department is Department of Immigration and Naturalization; publication year is 2018; title of report is Illegal Immigration Is too Important to be Determined at the State Level; URL is Webpage or Piece of Online Content: (See Reference List: Electronic Sources) On March 12, 2020, James Brown wrote a page titled Howling for Freedom in a Land of Slavery in a site called Blues Brothers. The URL is
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