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Overview: Online Acturial Science Assignment Writing Services - Homework Help

Actuarial science is the application of mathematics, statistics and financial theory to pension planning. Actuaries are professionals who use this science to calculate premiums for insurance companies, help manage funds invested in annuities and other investments, determine future costs of Social Security and analyze trends in health care costs. Many actuaries work for life insurance companies.

Several kinds of jobs exist within the various fields offered by actuaries:

  • risk analysis specialists,
  • investment specialists,
  • finance, administrative specialists
  • academic/research specialists.

Due to recent changes to Social Security laws that affect mortality tables used in pricing insurance policies, a growing demand exists for qualified actuaries who can keep with the changes.

Actuarial Science is a type of Risk Management that is based on statistics (math) and probability theory (logic).

Actuarial Science can also be combined with any other career such as accountancy (CPA), law, or medicine to enhance salary potential, title or prestige. In fact actuaries are held in high esteem by physicians because they use the best scientific data available to support patient care decisions.

An actuary is expected to have a mathematical background and strong analytical skills. Most of this work is done in an office setting but occasionally includes travel to conferences, seminars or industry events.

Actuaries must satisfy three educational requirements in order to work in their profession: an undergraduate degree with a major in mathematics, statistics or finance; completion of all required courses from an accredited course of study -- referred to as the fellowship program; and qualification by completing four examinations set by the American Institute of Actuaries (AIA). The first two requirements must be met before applying to take any examinations.

The AIA is the professional organization for actuaries who qualify through education or work experience. The AIA sets minimum standards for entry into practice and maintains registration records. It also makes available specialized practice exams covering various forms of insurance and risk assessment. The AIA also maintains an extensive computerized data bank of actuarial information that can be accessed by its members.

An actuary can be qualified by completing the three educational requirements and taking examinations offered by two organizations: the AIA and ASPA will accept each other's exams as qualifying exams after passing their own series. The minimum requirements for job entry usually include one year experience doing work related to actuarial science, possibly including an internship during college or studying abroad in a country where English is the primary language of instruction.

Following are some of the topics with which an actuary must be familiar:

  1. Risk analysis and investment management.
  2. Health care, including health maintenance organizations (HMOs), managed care and hospital funding.
  3. Pension plans including pension benefits; pensions; defined benefit and defined contribution plans
  4. Legal issues that affect pensions, including tax laws, ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) mandates and regulations governing risk assessment for pension plans.
  5. Environmental regulation affecting insurance companies.
  6. Health care reform proposals

Application of Actuarial Science Assignment Help Services

It is expected that actuaries will be able to interpret statistical data and apply it to real life situations using mathematics (math) and probability theory (logic). An essential requirement for this career is completion of a bachelor's degree within 5 years of graduation or those with less than 5 years experience will most likely not meet requirements set by professional organizations (SOA - Society of Actuaries; CASF – Casualty Actuarial Society; SMA – Society of Medical Actuaries; FMSA - Fellowship of Medical Actuaries).

Specialized degrees in actuarial science include: 

  • Masters In Business Administration,
  • Masters In Science,
  • Masters in Statistics,
  • Doctorate Of Philosophy.

Math and Science major courses include: algebra, trigonometry, statistics & probability, financial calculus, business mathematics (accounting) and differential equations.

Our actuarial science assignments help service prepares students to be able to analyze health care scenarios and determine the most effective ways to accomplish the following:

  • Calculate the cost to treat patients with chronic conditions, such as asthma or diabetes which require ongoing treatment over several years.
  • Actuarial studies help doctors and patients decide if it is more cost effective for the patient to stay in-network or switch to an out-of-network provider when there are dramatic differences in costs.
  • Calculate long-term savings by both government and private insurance programs and determine ways to reduce the cost of healthcare through reducing waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare
  • Analyze health insurance premiums and determine if they are commensurate with costs of care.
  • Calculate the cost of additional coverage for mental health services and prescription drugs offered through health insurance policies that are not currently included in some plans.
  • Analyze the cost effectiveness of pharmaceutical treatment of prescription drugs to manage chronic illnesses like diabetes, asthma or hypertension.

These are some of the scenarios of assignments that you are able to complete your actuarial science course. To get more help with actuarial science assignments, you might be interested in:

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Online actuarial science assignment helpers

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