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Help with forensic science homework assignments

It's not easy to write forensic science homework assignments. We want them to be accurate, detailed and well documented. If done correctly, they can become real works of art. Forensic scientists are dedicated technicians who put their life into this job that nobody sees or hears about until a crime is committed and they either solve it or don't... But this article is not about them. It's about their homework tasks.

What is the most difficult forensic science assignment you have had to do?

Forensic scientists may participate in basic general forensics such as latent fingerprint examination and firearm and toolmark analysis. They may also be called upon to analyze physical evidence such as blood spatter patterns at a crime scene and determine which areas might contain additional clues that could assist investigators solve the case. When deemed necessary, such as in a homicide or rape case, forensic scientists may perform autopsies and examine injuries of the victim to determine the exact cause of death. They may also be required to match bullets removed from bodies during autopsy with firearms that police have seized at crime scenes.

Forensic science is not limited simply to medical applications, however. Forensic chemists can analyze illicit drugs which are present on items such as clothing, while criminal archeologists may be called upon to help locate buried evidence using sonar devices or metal detectors. Although many areas of forensics require extensive training and specific expertise, it is not unheard of for law enforcement agencies to call upon an expert in an area outside his or her primary field of practice when investigating more difficult crimes. For example, scientists with many years of experience training in ballistics or fingerprinting may be called upon to assist in homicide cases where the victim has been shot. Forensic toxicologists may analyze potentially poisonous substances that are found at crime scenes.

What is forensic science?

Forensic science is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions of interest to law enforcement, by examining evidence from a crime scene. Forensic scientists collect and analyze both physical and biological evidence from the crime scene for presentation in court. In addition, they use their training to sketch or photograph scenes, prepare death certificates, gather ballistics and firearm data, discuss autopsy results with pathologists and conduct toxicological analyses. Other duties include giving expert testimony in court proceedings as well as performing criminal investigations when necessary. Some forensic scientists specialize in various fields within forensics such as DNA analysis or latent fingerprint examination while others are trained to offer a more general set of skills. The following list contains some common specialties within forensic science:

  • Autopsy technician
  • Blood spatter expert
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Latent print examiner
  • Medical examiner
  • Toxicologist
  • Serology specialist
  • ballistics,
  • biology (such as DNA testing and toxicology),
  • digital evidence (such as computer forensics or mobile phone forensics),
  • linguistics,
  • firearms examination,
  • document examination,
  • fingerprint analysis,
  • footwear and tire track analysis,
  • bloodstain pattern interpretation.

Forensic scientists who receive a bachelor's degree in the sciences generally complete a four-year program of study, which includes course work in biological science, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Graduate training is preferred by many employers – although not required – and students may earn an advanced degree such as a Master of Science (MSc), Master of Arts (MA), or Ph.D. Forensic science programs include classes on the presentation of scientific information as well as those that teach students how to conduct independent research. Most curricula require students to spend some time working in a crime laboratory, and most forensic scientists hold prior certification as a Crime Scene Technician (CST) before they advance to the job of forensic scientist. Employers usually prefer candidates who have this certification.

Although not required, it is possible for students to earn an undergraduate degree in biology or chemistry followed by graduate training in medical laboratory science or biochemistry with little or no experience in law enforcement.

Science tutors who choose to become forensic scientists must have a great deal of patience and perceptive attention to detail since their work is very methodical and they must often spend long periods of time analyzing minute samples under expensive equipment. Some forensic scientists will specialize in particular areas while others will take on a broad range of duties depending on the crime lab's specific needs. In addition, toxicologists must always guard against becoming desensitized by the violent nature of some jobs since they may have to perform autopsies or examine evidence from a crime scene.

Graduate training is preferred by many employers – although not required – and students may earn an advanced degree such as a Master of Science (MSc), Master of Arts (MA), or Ph.D. Forensic science programs include classes on the presentation of scientific information as well as those that teach students how to conduct independent research. Most curricula require students to spend some time working in a crime laboratory, and most forensic scientists hold prior certification as a Crime Scene Technician (CST) before they advance to the job of forensic scientist. Employers usually prefer candidates who have this certification.

Branches of Forensic Science Assignment Help Include:

Branches of forensics include:

  • Forensic accounting,
  • Forensic biology,
  • Forensic anthropology,
  • Forensic archaeology,
  • Forensic artistry,
  • Forensic psychology

Each of the forensic assignment help service is discussed in details below:

Forensic accounting homework help

Forensic accounting is the application of accounting principles and financial analysis to assist in solving legal problems. An "accountant" serves as an expert witness within the scope of his or her expertise. Forensic accounting may involve valuations, damages analysis (such as for personal injury cases), fraud investigations, bankruptcy proceedings, financial institution disputes, etc. It is a branch of forensic science in which accounting, in conjunction with investigative and analytical skills, assists lawyers and other professionals to understand the testimony given by witnesses during trial.

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Forensic biology homework help

Forensic biologists work at crime scenes to gather evidence by gathering and analyzing biological materials which include DNA. They assist criminal investigators by examining trace evidence such as hairs caught on clothing or blood samples from a suspect's car steering wheel. They investigate animal attacks on human victims and their bite marks. They collect specimens of pests found infesting a corpse that indicates post-mortem interval estimation for time since death determination. They also gather insects found on the body that would yield evidence about the place of death.

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Forensic anthropology homework help

A forensic anthropologist can assist criminal investigators by using their knowledge of skeletal anatomy to determine how a victim died, whether by murder or other natural causes. Forensic anthropologists can provide positive identification of an individual from bones when traditional methods are not available. Forensic anthropologists study past human culture by examining skeletons recovered from archaeological sites or mass burials created as a result of war or genocide.

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Forensic archaeology homework help

The main aim is to identify and recover items connected with an event at which legal issues are identified. To find out what happened, they search for facts through careful examination of evidence taken mainly from the surrounding area of the crime scene. Forensic archaeologists have been involved in criminal investigations where previously unseen evidence has helped resolve cases.

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Forensic artistry homework help

This is the application of artistic skills to support the investigation process, for example in schematic sketches or photomontages that are used as investigative or demonstrative evidence. The lack of witness statements means that artists are usually required at accident scenes to provide a record of how it appeared before any cleanup took place. Artists are also frequently employed when witnesses need assistance in providing descriptions for wanted individuals such as suspects in robberies and burglaries, or after an accident when no other descriptive evidence is available.

Forensic psychology homework help

Forensic psychologists apply psychological principles to legal issues, including competence, eyewitness testimony, child custody and evaluating for juvenile diversion programs. They conduct research on jury behavior, police procedures and eyewitness identification. In criminal cases they provide expert witness testimony in areas such as defendant's future dangerousness and sentencing recommendations; they present psychological reports to the court in order to assess issues such as competency to stand trial and whether a defendant meets criteria for an insanity defense or other defense (such as diminished capacity).

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Ask and pay for forensic science questions and answers online

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