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1 Monte Carlo Sampling 2 Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) 3 Reinforcement Learning: SARSA and Q-Learning for Gridworld
The questions below require some amount of programming. In addition to the report (ad- dressing the questions and discussing the results of your experiments), also provide the code on which your results are based (e.g. as Python notebooks). However, make sure that the report is self-contained, i.e. that it can be read and understood without the need to refer to the code. Store the pdf-report and the code in a zipped folder that you upload...
artificial intelligence coursework with lab sheets
This coursework description includes the list of taught labs that are to be included in the coursework submissions, how to present the work and when to submit the report. It is critical that you familiarising yourself with the coursework description. On AULA each lab has a write description associated with that lab. i have created an excel spreadsheet with all the question which you need to include in the coursework....
Completing the entire Artificial Intelligence exam.
I would like to have the entire exam filled out. Some of the questions involve drawing semantic networks and dealing with interpretations. Some of the questions involve giving examples as well....
Neural Net Back Propagation Error Calculations
I need help with this assignment, I don't understand it at all. This is for an introduction to an artificial intelligence class that I am struggling in....
AI problem solving algorithms implementation for sokoban puzzles
The details are in the word doc that I am attaching along with the query. I would like the assignment done in python. I would like a detailed explanation on how the assignment is done and would like to be able to demonstrate the different search methods along with a my own heuristic method that is better to come up with the solution. I should be able to understand how it works....
Hidden Markov Processes and Markov Decision Processes Homework Here's the link for the homework assignment. Last minute help needed with the homework. I need all three question answered....
Artificial Intelligence University Student
Hello, I require all the tasks that is needed to be answered done. I am willing to accept and expect an A- minimum therefore it the answers does not have to be so detailed. The images attached has guidelines and requirements for you to follow thanks...
Artificial Intelligence - Assignment 2: AI Survey Program
write this program in either C++ or Java, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Prompt The goal is for the program to be able to guess the user's political party before they reach the end of the survey. This will require your program to gather a substantial amount of data before it can make accurate guesses. In particular: 1. You should begin by presenting the user with questions that contain answer options that differ based on their political beliefs. Ex. What should the government do to help the poor? A. Make it easier to apply for assistance. B. Put more money into schools. C. Incentivize welfare. D. Nothing. 2. The last question should ask which political party they affiliate with. This way you will be able to gather and store data corresponding to the results you acquire. Create at least 4 political party storages. 3. As you gain more data on each political party, you should have a way of storing this information to create a program that will use this data to accurately survey users and guess their political affiliations. 4. Some answers to questions correspond with more than one political party. Find a way to make your program advanced enough so that ...
Neural Network project Training/classify
Overview The objective of the work is to apply the models of artificial neural networks studied in the discipline to a practical problem. Just like the problem studied in intermediate work, the problem in question consists of classifying accents. problem description The data set available for this work contains representations of English speakers from different countries: USA, United Kingdom, India, etc. The original set contains samples from 16 different classes. For this work, only 2 classes will be considered: USA and non-USA (which includes all other countries), so that the two classes are well balanced. As in the intermediate work, each speech is represented by spectral coefficients (MFCC). The x vectors are composed of the 19 spectral components extracted and the y vectors correspond to the accent (-1 for USA and 1 for non-USA). What should be done The student will have access to training data with labels, with which to build the classification models, and test models without labels. The goal is to classify the test samples and post the results to Kaggle. Any model or learning algorithm studied in the discipline can be used to solve the problem, and, in this wo...
Individual AI assignment(project report)
This assignment is based on AI. you have to choose any of the given topics given in the word file in form of bullet points. All other information is provided in word file....
Program an application for ordering food and calculating the price and tax
I have a homework assignment in my programming class for an application. It is to be done in Python. A fast food restaurant charges $3.09 for burgers, $2.09 for fries, and $1.29 for sodas. Create an Order Application that prompts the employee for the number of burgers, fries, and sodas as integers and the amount tendered as a float. Assign 0.0825 as a variable for the tax rate. Displays the total, the tax, the final cost, the amount tendered, and the change. To calculate tax: tax = total * taxRate final total = total + tax The application input and output should look similar to the example below with all variables shown formatted as currency. (input 4 prompts) Enter the number of burgers: 2 Enter the number of fries: 3 Enter the number of sodas: 3 Amount tendered: 20 Output Below: Total Before Tax: $16.32 Tax: $1.35 Final Total: $17.67 Amount Tendered: $20.00 Change: $2.33...
In this assignment you will create an agent to solve the 8-puzzle game.
INSTRUCTIONS In this assignment you will create an agent to solve the 8-puzzle game. You may visit for a refresher of the rules of the game. You will implement and compare several search algorithms and collect some statistics related to their performances. Please read all sections of the instructions carefully: I. Introduction II. Algorithm Review III. What You Need To Submit IV. What Your Program Outputs V. Important Information VI. Before You Finish NOTE: This project incorporates material learned from both Week 2 (uninformed search) and Week 3 (informed search). Since this project involves a fair amount of programming and design, we are releasing it now to let you get started earlier. In particular, do not worry if certain concepts (e.g. heuristics, A-Star, etc.) are not familiar at this point; you will understand everything you need to know by Week 3. Also note that there is skeleton code available for use (see the third tab of this assignment). This is completely optional to use, and you may alter it as much as you'd like. You may also complete the assignment without referring to the skeleton code at all. I. Introduction An instance of t...

Where is artificial intelligence applied?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence in computer systems and devices enabling them to mimic human actions. It enables different machines to adopt human traits such as problem-solving and learning. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that enables computer systems and programs to learn and adapt to new information without human assistance. It exploits deep learning techniques to enhance automatic learning through the collection and analysis of huge amounts of complex unstructured data such as videos, images, and texts.

Cognitive processes of artificial intelligence

The programming of artificial intelligence programs and systems is guided by three cognitive processes that are: learning, reasoning, and self-correction. 

Learning processes. This aspect focuses on collecting data and creating complex algorithms to convert the data into actionable information. These algorithms or rules provide computing devices and computer systems with specific instructions on how to complete a particular task. 

Reasoning processes. This aspect focuses on selecting the right algorithm to generate the desired results.

Self-correction processes. This aspect focuses on continually fine-tuning the algorithms to enhance their accuracy and to ensure they provide the desired results.

Artificial intelligence involves the use of complex data algorithms and the extensive use of various programming languages to generate accurate results. Although the programming languages have their pros and cons, various languages are the most efficient and effective in AI programming. They include:

  • Java
  • LISP
  • R
  • Python
  • C/C++

Applications of artificial intelligence in today’s world

The increasing speeds of computer processing, the proliferation of connected devices, and the robust Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity have enhanced data collection and analysis and opened room for the development of artificially intelligent systems, devices, and programs. It has promoted the performance of objective functions using machine learning or deep learning and data-trained models. Today, artificial intelligence has transformed how various tasks are performed in different industries. Some of the application areas of AI include:

Transportation and Travel

AI has promoted the development of autonomous cars which are extensively used in the manufacturing industries, advanced farms, and the transport sector. This technology is extensively applied by manufacturers of transport systems, devices, and autonomous cars such as Tesla. Besides, it used chatbots that can be used to assist travelers to locate different flights, areas, and get the necessary assistance that they need. This enhances the traveler's experience and makes them get to their destinations as anticipated. 


In manufacturing industries, AI-powered robots and devices work alongside humans to perform different tasks such as stacking and assembling. They are fitted with sensors and predictive analysis devices to help ensure that tasks and equipment run smoothly.


Artificial intelligence has a significant impact on the healthcare sector. It has made the diagnosis of diseases more accurate, faster, and better, sped up drug discovery and made it more streamlined, and created a more personalized patient experience through the use of big data analysis and artificially intelligent virtual nursing assistants to monitor patients. AI devices and virtual assistants help doctors to monitor a patient’s condition remotely and notify them when a patient needs medical attention. Besides, they enhance scanning processes and critical surgeries. 


These days, artificial intelligence is used to speed up the digitization of textbooks and other learning materials, to create facial analysis to measure a student’s emotions, and virtual tutors to assist human instructors. The introduction of artificial intelligence in writing has promoted the development of complex software and systems to correct mistakes and find replacements in a human-readable format. 


In media and journalism, artificial intelligence is used to create sophisticated computer software and systems to generate automated insights on media reports and to analyze complex financial reports. Cyborg technology and Bloomberg utilizes AI to translate huge financial reports.

Customer Service

 AI assistants are being applied in customer service to make appointments, human-like calls, to send messages, and to offer virtual assistance. 

Social media

AI-designed systems analyze huge amounts of data on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat, identify the latest trends, requirements, hashtags, and organize the data differently according to the user’s data usage. 


Cyber-attacks have been increasing rapidly over the years. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are being used extensively to identify and predict potential cybersecurity threats. 


The main applications of machine learning and AI are to enhance interoperability and integration, to create sensors, communication systems, and C2. Besides, it’s applied computer systems and devices for command and control, information operations, cyber operations, threat detection and analysis, data collection and analysis, coordination of sensors and effectors. Also, it’s applied in network combat vehicles and target acquisition equipment.


In agriculture, artificial intelligence is applied in predictive analysis, crop monitoring, soil, and crop monitoring, and sensors and robots for monitoring, planting, crop management, and harvesting. 


The finance industry utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning in financial processes in software and devices for algorithm and financial trading, adaptive intelligence, chatbots, and implementing automation. 

Furthermore, artificial intelligence is applied extensively in other fields such as gaming, robotics, entertainment, and E-commerce. 

What do AI careers require?

Artificial intelligence is a course with high demand in a wide range of industries. Designing AI systems and devices is a sophisticated process of reverse-engineering human capabilities and traits. The computational prowess is used to train computer systems to function as human beings. Careers in artificial intelligence require a good command of programming languages such as Java and C++ and a solid understanding of:

  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Data algorithms
  • Computer vision
  • Cognitive computing
  • Neural networks
  • Natural language processing
  • Problem-solving skills


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