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Can someone do my assignments and quizzes?
I just need my assignments to be completed and the quizzes to be completed as well. I have 3 weeks left and not a lot of time to complete the work. I have attached week three assignment and material....
Create a place analysis: Using the same company from the previous assignment, create the second part marketing analysis

Using the same company from the previous assignment, create the second part of your marketing analysis, in which you do the following:

Create a place analysis in which you do the following:

  • Accurately identify all areas where the product or service is sold.
  • Accurately analyze the chosen product or service's distribution channels.
    • How are they getting their product to market?
    • Which distribution strategies are being used to effectively create a competitive advantage?
  • Provide an analysis of the place strategies and their effect on business success.
    • Describe how the distribution decisions affect the other Ps in the marketing mix.
    • What recommendations can you make in terms of distribution decisions that may improve business success?

Create a price analysis in which you do the following:

  • Accurately analyze the pricing system along with its characteristics and effect on the marketing mix.
    • Which pricing strategy does the company use, and how does it compare to similar products in the product category?
  • Analyze t...
Assume that your group has been hired as a consultant to the marketer of a particular brand within this product category
Market analysis for the target brand Instructions :1.Brand decision: Assume that your group has been hired as a consultant to the marketer of a particular brand within this product category, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the brand relative to competitors. Provide a general information about the target brand and its market (e.g., market share information; major competitors; current market positioning). 2. The analysis of the target consumers is highly clear and concise. The connection with the relevant theories is clearly made with outstanding elaborations....
Read the Case Study “The coffee Wars” Perform a SWOT analysis for Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts
Read the Case Study “The coffee Wars” and answer the following Questions: Assignment Question(s): 1. Perform a SWOT analysis for Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. (Minimum 200 Words) 2. Which Growth strategies have been pursued by Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts in the past and which strategies do you believe will be most successful for the two firms in the future? Why? (Minimum 150 Words) 3. Which marketing metrics would be most helpful for an executive in charge of developing new products for a coffee Chain? (Minimum 150 Words) Note: - Support your Answers with the course material concepts, principles, and live examples from the textbook and the Local market and also support with the scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles if available. (Read the Case Study “The coffee Wars” Perform a SWOT analysis for Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts answers)...
Mar3023 online exam with 50 questions
Exam opens from 7am and closes at 9:00pm. It has 50 questions with a time limit of 60 minutes. Get Atleast a B! Would like for you to start as early as possible! Respondus lockdown browser is required but no camera is necessary!...
MAR3023 class with 50 online exam questions
The exam opens at 7am and closes at 9:00pm with a time limit of 60 minutes on March 8th. I’d like for you to start exactly at 7am and get Atleast a B or higher. Lockdown Browser is required but no need for a camera. The exam cover chapters 9-12 from the textbook “grewal, level marketing seventh edition McGraw Hill Education”...
Create a spreadsheet for each of the estimation methods
Using a blank MS Excel file, create a spreadsheet demonstrating application of the high-low method and regression method of estimating fixed and variable costs as follows: Using the data in Exhibit 2.23 in the textbook, create a spreadsheet for each of the estimation methods: high-low method and regression. Create the data in a chart, show your calculations in words and numbers (meaning don't just show me the numbers, show the formula as well) and be certain to tie in your results to those in the textbook. Compare the results of the two methods for variable cost component and fixed cost component. Now, that you have the hang of it, drop off the month of December from your calculations. Using only the 11 months of data (Jan - Nov), on new worksheet tabs, calculate again using the high-low method and the regression method. Finally, using the results from the 11 month data estimation methods, calculate the expected total cost for the month of December (using the 34,000 units sold), applying the fixed and variable components for each method. How do the calculated expectations compare with the actual data (cost of $540,000). Which method is closer? What are the benefits of eac...
NP_EX16_10b College course 16 Excel Questions ,Goal Seek, Solver, Scenario Questions
16 questions on solver scenarios and goal seek! its due monday 8am est...
spss analysis. The platform doesn't allow. sav files but i can send the dataset file by email.
•You will need to submit 3 files: 1.The final SPSS file after all the analysis 2.The final output with all the points asked below 3.A word document with the coded questionnaire, tables and the results from the 1.Reliability test 2.Descriptive statistics for demographics with graphs 3.Descriptive statistics for variables with graphs 4.Multiple regression results – providing explanation for the results, explaining which numbers we have to look at and what they mean and which hypotheses were supported and which hypotheses are rejected 1.Check the questionnaire and the data in your dataset, variable view. 2.Add the missing respective coding in the word document, which are highlighted in yellow. 3.Code all of the variables/questions in your variable view with the appropriate codes mentioned in the word document in order to make the analysis easier. E.g. Q6 is measuring normative interpersonal influences so you can code it as Q6_1_NII, Q6_2_NII, Q6_3_NII etc. 4.After creating the codes, you will need to reverse item: Q6_6 [6. I never identify with other people by not purchasing the same luxury products and brands they purchase.]. Recode this into a different varia...
Please read attached file and answer accordingly...
marketing avery regression assigment
Attached please find a dataset in Excel. Please enter the data for the first twenty cases to SPSS. SPSS is an acronym for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. It is a statistical package that performs highly complex data manipulation and analysis using simple instructions. You can access SPSS either in any computer lab on campus, or you could access it remotely. Please find more information about SPSS by clicking the following link ( You should have used SPSS in your statistical course. However, if you need a refresh course, you can easily find a SPSS tutorial on Youtube. Once you entered the data (the first twenty cases from the excel file) into SPSS and save the file in SPSS. Please conduct the following regression analysis: the dependent variable is "how likely you would recommend AFC to a friend or colleague?", question #3 in the questionnaire on page 250 in the text. The independent variables are "general health and fitness," "social aspects," "physical enjoyment," and "specific medical concerns." which are four components of question #2 on page 250 in the text. Please (1) conduct descriptive analysis of those fi...
Marketing Research
Details will be given....
Marketing Research
I will bring details in private....
Creating a fictitious association

This project is an opportunity for you to emulate the steps that a meeting manager and the

convention service manager go through to produce a meeting or convention. You (and your team members if you doing it as a team) will create your own meeting for a fictitious association or corporation. You will be creating a Request for Proposal-RFP (40pts), Preliminary Program

(60 pts), and a Meeting and Exhibit Specification Guide (50 pts).

The entire project is worth 150 points. Please note that website links are constantly changing so you may need to search for an updated one from the ones recommended below.

Items which MUST be included in your project are:

  1. Request for Proposal (RFP) (40 points) For the APEX version go to templates can be found under number 4.

  2. Preliminary Program (60pts): Your goal is to create a realistic preliminary program. It

India' s thermal comfort for all

Please write a 700-800 word blog on the importance of “Thermal Comfort for All” as an aspirational

goal for India to ensure sustainable development while meeting India’s Kigali (under Montreal

Protocol) and Paris (climate change) commitments. We encourage you to visit sites like, read on

India Cooling Action Plan, google the "thermal comfort for all " or “cooling for all” to do the research and share

your perspectives. You should send in your writing piece within 12 hours of receiving this assignment.

The blog must address the following questions:

• Why “thermal comfort for all” is a social, developmental and an environmental imperative

for India?

• Why should citizens demand th...

Advertisement Comparison Analysis 1000 words

For this assignment, choose a product category that is being promoted (such as cosmetics, coffee, hotel, cars, computer etc.- in addition to a physical product, a product in marketing terms can also a service, organization, idea or a person!)

Select two advertisements or commercials (you can also compare entire promotional campaigns –e.g. Dove’s Real Beauty is an example of a promotional campaign) promoting your chosen product. These two advertisements should be by different companies/brands (e.g. Starbucks vs. Coffee Bean, Apple vs. Microsoft).

Task: Write a brief paper (max. 1000 words) comparing the two advertisements. The following questions can be used as guidelines for what to focus on your paper. You don’t need to follow them in the order given in your paper.

Current Event Report Powerpoint

10 slides including 1 topic slide and 1 reference slide

Analysis of print adevertisement

just analyze an ad of your choice and please attach the ad with the paper please

Advertising Campaign

Please include images and visuals! Be creative as possible! 


Pay Someone To Do My Marketing Homework For Me

Marketing is a crucial undertaking for the success of any business. As opposed to some subjects that have gotten obsolete over the years, marketing continues to advance.

Students are faced with new techniques to evaluate as marketing strategies.

They need to be adequately prepared for the field, warranting different types of homework.

Numerous case studies, reports and presentations are some of the daily encounters of an aspiring marketer. Analysis of these case studies can be delicate since it shows your decision making capabilities.

However, if you have not grasped some concepts properly, you may have a hard time with task.

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What is marketing?

Marketing is about spreading the word about your product. For example, think of how companies use TV commercials, billboards and magazine ads to get their name out there. Once people know about your product, it's much easier to get them to spend money on it.

Studying marketing in college can help you get a job in marketing. You could be an assistant for a marketing executive, or work for an advertising agency.

There are also marketing jobs with big companies, like Procter and Gamble. And some career paths in marketing require bachelor's degrees in marketing.

Marketing is important because it can help build a brand for your product or service that makes people remember you.

But the heart of marketing is something called product positioning. It's about figuring out how best to position (or sell) your product to people who might be interested in buying it.

Once you have a lot of good research and market analysis done about your product, then you can use less intensive forms of promotion like public relations and word-of-mouth advertising to get the word out there about your company.

Then you see if any other companies are out with similar products, so you can make sure you are still the top choice.

I need someone to help with my marketing assignment

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Buy Cheap Marketing homework help

To ensure that students are prepared for the actual job, professors assign then endless homework. It can get overwhelming, impeding your ability to produce quality work. With our writers, you get homework help in marketing in various topics among them being.

To ensure that students are prepared for the actual job, professors assign then endless homework. It can get overwhelming, impeding your ability to produce quality work. With our writers, you get homework help in marketing in various topics among them being;

  • Consumer behavior.
  • Organizational behavior.
  • Strategic management and many more.

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Custom Digital marketing assignment help

Organizations are moving away from the traditional marketing methods to the digital techniques. Students should be able to identify the most viable methods and highlights the benefits and drawbacks. Homework in digital marketing can be demanding and require intense research and high levels of creativity. Do not get stuck when you can get professional writing services.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing technique that can use the Internet to promote products and services. Traditionally, direct mail or advertising on TV were used in order to market a product or service. Nowadays digital technology has an important role in the development of a business strategy because it provides new opportunities for marketers to reach out to their customers in different ways.

Digital marketing is not just traditional email spamming techniques, but rather it uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube among others as well as search engine optimization (SEO) techniques for effective communication with potential customers and improving brand awareness. It deals with gaining traffic by using website analytics tools like Google Analytics which give information about visitors who come from online sources such as organic searches, paid ads and social media sites like Facebook.

Types of Digital Marketing

Here are various types of digital marketing: Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Mobile Marketing.

Each type of digital marketing is discussed below:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): This is a marketing technique that involves the use of search engines to drive traffic to websites. It includes using keywords to submit your website for review by search engines like Google and Yahoo, advertising in online channels such as social networks or blogs and creating pages optimized for SEO purposes. Bing Ads are an example of SEM where marketers pay Microsoft every time someone clicks on their advertisement which appears next to Bing's search engine results. In this way, they can create highly targeted ads based on actual consumer preferences while also increasing their revenue opportunities.   
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): It includes establishing a presence on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among others so that the company can communicate with its customers and clients in a quick, casual and effective way. The essence of SMM is to attract people's attention through interesting contents which they will share with their friends. This technique is mainly used for brand awareness since many potential customers get associated with the business rather than actually buying the product or services themselves.
  • Mobile Marketing: This type of digital marketing includes creating mobile friendly websites that are easy and convenient to access on smartphones, tablets and other such electronic gadgets that are portable as opposed to laptop computers or desktop PCs. Businesses can promote their products by using QR codes or short messaging service (SMS) since these activities are popular among users who share photographs of products they like on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Consumer behavior marketing assignment help

An excellent marketer should identify the consumption habits of different consumers.

Consequently, he or she can recommend the appropriate products at different times or in distinct regions.

If you need guidance on how to study consumer behavior, we have experts that will take you through the assignment.

What is consumer behavior marketing?

Consumer behavior marketing is a subset of the field of marketing that focuses on the psychological and sociological factors behind what causes consumers to make choices to buy a product.

It usually consists of two main approaches:

  1. Cognitive-behavioral approach: the cognitive-behavioral approach which focuses on how people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors interact to determine their consumer choice behavior;
  2. Psychographic approach: the psychographic approach which takes an interest in how social class, family background, or ethnicity influence people's purchase decisions.

Consumer behavior is a term used commonly by marketers and advertisers. It is also an area of interest for both marketing research and psychology. The field related most closely to consumer behavior in advertising, the study of how consumers are influenced through communication messages.

In order for a message to influence consumers, it must first gain their attention; then engage them with the message; and finally influence them to take some action (such as purchasing) in response to the message.

This three-step process is known as an AIDA model, which stands for attention, interest, desire and action.

In addition to influencing actions such as purchase decisions, people can be influenced in many other ways, including voting or joining clubs or organizations.

List two guiding principles of consumer behavior marketing research methods?

Two principles of consumer behavior marketing research methods are:

  1. The need to examine questions about why and how consumers buy products through case-study research on the reasons for a product's success or failure;
  2. The use of observation techniques, such as in depth interviews and recordings of actual shopping situations, to analyze real-world purchase behaviors.

B2B marketing assignment help

Business to business marketing is a strategy that has continued to gain popularity over the years. There are various methods that can be employed to ensure that the technique works properly. We can help you with your case studies, white papers and other documents that will strengthen your skills in b2b marketing

  • Relationship marketing
  • Strategic marketing
  • B2C marketing
  • Industrial marketing
  • Porter five marketing

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Marketing Homework Help References

Here are some of references you can use while writing marketing homework: