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University Assignments (Agriculture)

Assignment brief copied below: Requirements There are two parts to this reassessment and the total word count is 2,500 words. Part 1. (50%) Using app



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Tutlance homework helpers covers an extensive array of agriculture subjects such as:

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  • Sustainable agriculture, and more.

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Technologies shaping modern agriculture

Agriculture is one of the oldest and most significant professions. Agriculture has evolved with the changing technology shaping modern agriculture. As the world population increases, the demand for food also rises. This means that more skilled people will be required to sustain the growing population. 

Agriculture is a broad field composed of zoology, property management, environmental preservation, food production, animal science, and aquaculture.

Some technologies that have transformed modern agriculture include:


Planting, managing, and harvesting a large piece of land by hand can be a hustle. It would be time consuming, exhausting, and inefficient. 

Imagine how simple these tasks can be when you automate the irrigation and fertigation processes, plant, and manage all farm activities using drones, sensors, robots, and a computer system. 

Degrees in agriculture provide you with adequate knowledge to implement and utilize these advancements in technology and help automate livestock and crop production. 

Indoor vertical farming

Farming in cities, urban areas, deserts, and mountainside environments is challenging. Indoor vertical farming is a method used to produce enough food in areas where arable land is not enough. Most vertical farms are either aeroponics or hydroponics. 

Apart from using a small land space to grow crops, vertical farming solves the water scarcity problem and reduces water use by close to 70 percent.

All processes in vertical farms can be automated including planting, logistics, and harvesting. 

Read more here:

Smart greenhouses

In the modern world, greenhouses are rapidly becoming tech-heavy, incorporating technologies such as automated control systems and LED lights to create a perfect environment for crop farming. Since they create a controlled environment, greenhouses protect plants for harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and excessively high temperatures. As climate change increases, greenhouses will protect farms from adverse climatic conditions.

Smart greenhouses equipped with Internet of Things sensors to provide information on humidity, temperatures, soil conditions, and light levels, and pressure. The sensors are connected to actuators and automatically control them to open a window or to turn irrigation systems, lights, heating systems on and off.

Precision Farming

As agriculture becomes increasingly tech-heavy, the Internet of Things (IoT) is extensively applied in precision farming. Various technologies are applied to promote timely irrigation, timely pest and disease control, and effective farm management practices. IoT enhances the application of automated hardware, sensors, robots, drones, variable-rate technology, autonomous vehicles, and control systems in precision agriculture. 

Where do agriculture graduates work?

Agriculture offers diverse opportunities for the graduates. Apart from working in areas like farm management, the graduates can also work in consultancy work, service and supply industries, research, and sales. 

Typical employers for agriculture graduates include:

  • Food processing and retail companies
  • Flower farms
  • Farm management and commercial ancillary firms
  • Agricultural machinery companies
  • Media companies –for agricultural journalism roles
  • Government and local authorities
  • Trade associations 
  • Agricultural, environmental, and pharmaceutical consultancies 

Is agriculture the right career for you?

Studying agriculture means working on global challenges including addressing food security and overpopulation. If you are fascinated by farming, agricultural research, agricultural machinery, or agricultural technology, then this is the right career for you. Can’t it be captivating working with technology and nature?

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