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EDUC 540 Journal Critique: You will evaluate and critique 1 research article from varying professional journals.

EDUC 540 Journal Critique Instructions

You will evaluate and critique 1 research article from varying professional journals. The journal can be from any discipline that addresses a topic in urban education specific to the week assigned. All articles must be current (5 years or less). Paper will include a title page, a reference page, and have a 225–250-word limit. Title page, in-text citations, and the reference page are NOT included in the word limit. Journal critiques consist of 3 parts (each part should be 1 paragraph only): Part 1 Summary Paragraph, Part 2 Analysis of Author’s Key Points, and Part 3 Personal Response. Specific to Part 3 Personal Response, personal pronouns are appropriate in this section only of the journal critique.

When composing your reviews, remember to use graduate professional writing. Do not begin with “This article is about...” Instead, open the review with a strong thesis statement and summarize the author's main points in the first paragraph. Using third person, state your personal reaction to the article in the final paragraph (“This author agrees/disagrees…” or "one can see that...").

This ass...

2 by 3 Factorial MANOVA

I am looking for someone to help me complete my statistics for my masters.

I know that I need to conduct a 2 by 3 Factorial MANOVA followed by a discriminant analysis, but this is something that I can't figure out myself. I have all of the data analysed so there is very little to go through, it just needs to be put through the stats programme.

Sorry that it isn't in a CSV format, but I have done the legwork and got all of the results so all that there is in this file in the results sheet, is the numbers that we need to work from.

1) The study - I am looking at the max forces and the load frequency (in this case, this is determined by the amount of time from first impact of the weight on to the shoe, to the dissipation of force) of three different training shoes, along with the time to max force. 

There are three shoes, one from each of the following: Salomon, Nike and Asics. Each has had the heel and the forefoot tested with a weight being dropped onto these areas. Each area, heel and forefoot, underwent 10 drops and these have already been analysed and divided into the three categories ment...

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