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JMP assignment help - Ask For JMP Help Online

JMP is a computer software application to analyze statistical data. It is used for a wide variety of applications including predictive analytics, designing experiments, and developing models. JMP is closely related to another statistics package S-plus. Both the packages were developed by SAS Institute Inc., Cary, North Carolina. It appears that the core functions of the software are written in C programming language while development of user interface is done using Java. The program has been available since 1991 and since then it has gone through several versions with each version containing some new features and improvements over earlier versions.

Based on the version, it is also named differently. Some of its versions are JMP 1.0 to 2.8 and then JMP 3.X from 3.1 onwards including JMP 10 in 2016 (which is newest at the time of writing this article).

JMP assignment help offers different services to students who refer them for custom essays, writing papers or thesis preparation. These services include descriptive statistics, factorial ANOVA analysis and experimental design among others like curve fitting.

Students can also get a well-organized statistical report based on data collected by using sample survey of statistician experts within minimum timeframe provided as per client's requirement for promotion dissertation proposal examples and term paper topics related to their fields of study. They also provide advice on data collection, analysis and presentation of results.

JMP software help services also provides study guides for all levels of students including undergraduate and graduate level. The focus may be on using JMP to answer questions or may include basics of statistics like mean, standard deviation etc. For experts in the field, they offer advanced topics like Bayesian network clustering etc. While developing solutions to client's problems with JMP is an integral part of their service, they also ensure that users are educated about statistical concepts that come handy when dealing with real-world applications using statistical software packages like R, SPSS among others.

Topics that covered by our JMP assignment help tutors

JMP is a software program used for statistical analysis. JMP can be used to analyse data in a variety of ways. Additionally, JMP has tools that can be used for data mining and predictive modelling. The JMP is a proprietary program, developed by SAS Institute and it can be used to carry out statistical analyses. JMP has been designed with the help of sample data sets that are present in many statistics textbooks. Thus, these sample data sets are an excellent source of information for learning how to use JMP software for carrying out statistical operations.

  • The JMP Data Exploration and Hypothesis testing module
  • Statistical analysis of the data
  • Perform regression, correlation and ANOVA modeling with a graphical representation of the model.
  • Create advanced cross tabulations tables or create your own customized charts to illustrate relationships among many variables.
  • Find the best fit line for your data by choosing from multiple regression methods.
  • Explore and graphically find a correlation coefficient using scatterplots, regression lines and other descriptive graphical analysis.

Statistical Analysis of the Data In JMP

Using JMP's powerful statistical tools you can perform hypothesis tests on different sets of data to determine if they are all part of one population or if they come from more than one population. You can also perform linear and nonlinear regressions as well as correlations in JMP; these results can be easily interpreted in several charts, tables, or lists that provide an organized view of your data.

As soon as you have entered your data into JMP Pro software, statistical analysis is performed with a few clicks of your mouse. With every click, you gain the knowledge of your data and its relationships that you need to make informed decisions about your operations.

For example, many companies are interested in tracking product usage. One approach is to survey customers before and after they used a particular product and then perform statistical analysis on the results.

The first step would be entering the data into a spreadsheet program; JMP Pro easily imports spreadsheets from most major programs such as Excel® or Lotus 123 for Windows PC platforms.

Next, it would be convenient to calculate totals per group (e.g., how many cases were carried out by each customer) so that subsequent analysis could focus on the means of individual groups rather than on individual observations.

JMP Pro would then fit a set of multiple regression equations to the data and perform hypothesis tests on groups of customers.

The results could be displayed as a report, an interactive chart or in summary tables.

Any student who wishes to read and interpret these statistics can take advantage of the dynamic charts and reports available with this software program; no prior knowledge is required to interpret these results.

Graphical analysis allows you to see what's really important in your data at a glance, so that you can focus on the issues that need attention.

Moreover, if you wish there is also complete flexibility built into this software program: all charts are fully customizable using many types of statistical graphs including bar charts, pie charts, scatterplots and histograms; and the results of your analysis can be saved in a variety of easy-to-read formats.

JMP Pro also provides an extensive library of built-in functions and has numerous options for data conversion, processing, graphing and reporting. You can convert many different kinds of data including text files to numerical values as well as import data from Excel, ASCII Text Files and Lotus® 123™ Spreadsheets among others. JMP Pro also includes various statistical tools such as z tests, t tests, chi square analyses, correlation matrices and several procedures that allow you to find out what is important about your data at a glance.

Other features include:

  1. Perform hypothesis tests on all sets of data using 1 or 2 population normal, t, F or chi squared tests.
  2. Graphing and data analysis: Explore your data using fully interactive scatterplots that allow you to dynamically view the interaction between multiple variables. Statisticians often look for patterns in data; JMP Pro provides an array of methods that facilitate these analytical tasks. Plus, with built-in descriptive statistics such as means and standard deviations, you can immediately gain a picture of your data – without having to write down calculations.
  3. Create custom graphs from scratch or modify existing ones by selecting the visual variables (e.g., color, size and shape). You also have complete control over how you want the results displayed by choosing from several different chart formats including bar charts pie charts, line plots and boxplots.
  4. Save your work in various formats that can be easily imported into other programs or printed using standard software.
  5. Access a comprehensive help guide at any time during the program (easily accessed by pressing F1). The built-in help provides information on how to perform statistical analysis on data including special topics such as normal curve fitting of non-normal data sets, fitting regression models with interactions among multiple factors and determining sample size for experiments.
  6. Be aware of mistakes before they're made: In addition to performing simple descriptive statistics, JMP Pro also performs tests of hypothesis tests; thus, you'll know if a difference is statistically significant or not. It is recommended that if you use this testing feature, especially for new sets of data that you use a small sample size (at least 10 cases per group) until you gain more experience using the software.
  7. Produce customizable reports and graphs: The software is extremely user-friendly; all reporting options are on one screen so that they can be fully customized. Graphs can be easily modified to suit your needs, and tables of results produced in different formats can be saved in Excel spreadsheets with the click of a button. The charts created will also change as the underlying data changes; thus, it's very easy to create many custom statistical reports without retyping anything into a spreadsheet or word processing document. You'll also have access to several built-in templates.

Related services:

JMP for Data Acquisition - Homework help

In this section you can find how to use JMP for various data acquisition tasks related to different variables such as time series (binary, integer), experimental data, market research etc.

Data Acquisition is an important aspect of statistics which deals with gathering and organizing raw or unprocessed data using various tools in the package and then preparing it ready to be analyzed using appropriate tools like regression analysis etc.

JMP helps you achieve sampling techniques that are used to acquire data from a population by dividing it into smaller parts called samples; each sample is then measured in some way typically by interviewing small numbers of people from the population. This process helps estimate statistical parameters about the target population.

Sampling techniques include:

  • Simple Random Sample
  • Systematic Random Sample
  • Stratified Sample
  • Cluster Sample
  • Multistage Random Sample
  • Systematic Stratified Sample

Different types of graphs are used to visualize data. These include 2D chart, 3D graph and surface plot among others. Those who learn how to use JMP understand the importance of these visualizations in providing a comprehensive analysis and understanding about data sets collected via various methods like means-end survey or experiments etc.

JMP assignment help service offers online support and services related to different aspects of information technology including accessing the software and using it for solving statistical problems. It provides tips on identifying and selecting appropriate database design in order to facilitate efficient execution of tasks undertaken with JMP by users right from initial stages itself till task completion. This also involves submission of homework, assignments based user projects and report writing.

Students learn how to use JMP for evaluating data using different methods like descriptive statistics, statistical hypothesis testing or even multivariable modeling under various circumstances. They also learn about understanding and analyzing results of the analysis undertaken by using this software package.

For instance, students can deduce which group has a higher mean if given two groups with paired data or compare means from different sample populations using ANOVA analysis techniques.

JMP assignment helpers teach users that graphics are an integral part of all stages of research and designing statistical solutions especially when they involve variation between two or more variables. In order to facilitate learning about JMP through tutorials on various topics in graphics, learners get familiarized with tools like dot plot where we need to compare variables over another variable, histogram where we learn how to display data in categories like frequency of occurrence or cumulative frequency etc.

Students who are looking for JMP assignment help may check various online platforms available which offer assistance with different aspects of statistical analysis using this software among others. Additional help include:

Tutlance provides professional tutors and JMP homework help related to use of information technology including software packages such as JMP. You can get in touch with our experts through live chat on Wednesdays & Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm. Our JMP tutors provide JMP assignment help based on your requirements so that you can easily follow the concepts related to statistical programming and analytics using this tool before appearing for your final examinations.

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